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Questworlds Status Update

Ian Cooper

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Folks -

Just a quick note, to let you know the status

Editing - I am working with Susan O'Brien who is acting as development editor (I can't edit my own work, that's like editing your own homework). Back and forth involved, but 50% of the text is edited at this point

Art - All but two pieces are in.

Once editing completes, there are some conversations around graphic design, layout etc.

We'll push the SRD to v1, but its minor fixes and tweaks. We will do them in a batch at the end, to make it easy for folks who want to track what changed between the two

it's done when it's done, as always.

I appreciate your patience and interest.

Formal update: https://www.chaosium.com/blogquestworlds-update-steady-progress



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added formal update
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1 hour ago, Ian Cooper said:

I can't edit my own work, that's like editing your own homework).

"Look, I wrote this document, and I was the one who carefully hid the mistakes in there, and they're so well hidden even I can't find them!"


Running: nothing | Playing: Battletech Hero, CoC 7th Edition, Blades in the Dark | Planning: D&D 5E Home Game, Operation: Sprechenhaltestelle, HeroQuest 1E Sartarite Campaign

D&D is an elf from Tolkien, a barbarian from Howard, and a mage from Vance fighting monsters from Lovecraft in a room that looks like it might have been designed by Wells and Giger. - TiaNadiezja

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For anyone following QW here and not elsewhere, @Ian Cooper has been posting a couple of updates over on Mastodon.

19th Dec:



Final art direction out for #QuestWorlds Core Rules and a new version of the cheat sheet done.

Now on to review the development editor's last pass.


20th Dec:


Current plan is a genre pack to support running #questworlds games in Glorantha and using #runequest materials when doing that. It’s unlikely we will have a “line” beyond that outside of Jonstown Compendium. I have some playtest materials that I have been using for that genre pack

In other QW news, Shawn Carpenter (of the withdrawn QW product on Jonstown Compendium, Valley of Plenty) is playtesting a superhero version of QW, and recently shared this news, along with some art:



Work is proceeding apace on the Valley of Plenty 2e, a beginner's Glorantha campaign setting for use with Chaosium's soon-to-be released QuestWorlds rules. The new book will be larger than the first (which was a respectable size) and will contain more adventures, story-seeds, and activities in addition to expanded setting information so you can linger over the Wildlings childhood if you wish. 

The 2nd book of the Jaldonkiller Saga will be released concurrently with Valley of Plenty.


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An Unofficial Buyer's Guide to RuneQuest and Glorantha lists everything currently available for the game and setting, across 60 pages. "Lavishly illustrated throughout, festooned with hyperlinks" - Nick Brooke. The Voralans presents Glorantha's magical mushroom humanoids, the black elves. "A wonderful blend of researched detail and Glorantha crazy" - Austin Conrad. The Children of Hykim documents Glorantha's shape-changing totemic animal people, the Hsunchen. "Stunning depictions of shamanistic totem-animal people, really evocative" - Philip H.

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