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Troll Hunter


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This trailer really caught my attention and got me thinking about how it could make for a fun one-shot adventure:


Everything for the one-shot I can pull from my various Call of Cthulhu books but the trolls. Would anyone care to share the stats for trolls? I would guess that Runequest or Stormbringer would have something.

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Guest Vile Traveller

I don't know that the stats for RuneQuest trolls would be enough - some of the trolls in that trailer look more like giants in size. Check out the Deluxe MRQ SRD in the downloads section for stats (both trolls and giants).

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That clip looks awesome. I am going to be on the look out on Netflix. Playing a one shot on this sounds just as good.

The gaming industry is trading quality for quantity.

The popular systems focus on the latest books powers, miniture battles, or encouraging MMORPG play and your imagination is somewhere else.

I weep for those who were born into roleplaying as a rehearsed tactical experience. :(

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