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Taking advantage of the sale


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This couldn't have happened at a better time. Dustin at Chaosium informed me that Classic Fantasy has sold enough for me to get my second check, which I told him to instead make a store voucher.

I was able to grab the following books... and at a cost of only $2.50 after the credit.

1 x Dragon Lines

2 x Classic Fantasy

1 x BRP Witchcraft

2 x Devil's Gulch

1 x Aces High

1 x In Search of the Trollslayer

2 x Modern Equipment Catalog

1 x Rubble & Ruin

1 x The Green

1 x The River Terror

1 x Dust to Dust

1 x BRP Quick-Start edition

Now begins the waiting...


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Yeah, I held off until the end because I couldn't justify spending the money. Things are tight. I told my wife not to get me a Christmas present in lieu of this and my conscious is happy again.

This purchase puts me a good way closer to having all of the current monographs that I want.


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