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Shargash Crown (not Helmet)


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hello hive mind

On this occasion I come with the following question, what type of crown is the one owned by Shargash (Tolat) based on?
I can't find any images that clearly show the one he has, so I was looking through the ancient crowns that could have been used as a base, like the one Yelmalio has for example, I assumed that Shargash would have one as a base too.
Does anyone have any idea about this?

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There's a full-page picture of the god of Alkoth in Shreds of Light and Reason that might be inspirational for more than just headwear:


He will be portrayed in the upcoming Cults book. I don't recall any official share of those images but "the odds are good" that the iconography remains largely intact . . . a fairly tight cap with an ornamental coronet with an orb suspended up top to identify him with his planet. However, the version seen here seems to be archaic. Modern Shargash seems to lose the projecting "horns" that support the orb and instead has feathers or fronds . . . possibly a later infusion from Tolat.

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singer sing me a given

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1 hour ago, Godweyn said:

there is my problem

It does look like a deeper challenge. My initial thought was that the god's regalia has changed Since Time to conform with various religious reforms and prophetic encounters. In this model, the Shreds version might be relatively archaic or even refer to an outdated conception of the god (could be "Alkor," for example) and then at some point the relatively fancy little man at I-5 took over within the broader empire with his purple and gold. The red demon would be another view entirely, either "hostile" (outside Alkoth) or "esoteric" (the mysteries deep inside Alkoth). 

And the only images from the Cults book I've seen so far are the feathered version and what looks like a later Carmanized  (European style) coronet. There might be something more "official" waiting for us but for now I wonder if the people in charge of the larger Dara Happan iconography have done their best to deprecate all the "city crowns" potential Yelm rivals were once depicted as wearing . . . and so in the terminal seventh wane the question of how you depict a free and independent Shargash just never comes up until someone in your game forces an answer.

singer sing me a given

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2 hours ago, Godweyn said:

With this I already have three different versions... and there is my problem...
and I think I have seen at least two other images that are also different.

Wherever he goes, he has to lug around an unwieldy collection of hat boxes. It is hell getting in and out of cabs. That is why he looks so angry.

23 minutes ago, scott-martin said:


I first read that as Carmenized.


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The green crown from Six Ages resembles an articulated chitinous shell to me, so it may represent an Underworld being Shargash fought and defeated in the course of becoming the Sun of Hell, but with the vibrant color of life. Or a patron, friend, or lover, of course. Just like with the phoenix crown, with fenghuangs and dragons adorning the sides and top. 

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