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  1. Do save at least one game, if you want to continue your clan’ s story once “Lights Going Out” is out. And yes, we’re still fixing bugs in “Ride Like the Wind.”
  2. You noticed the button that gives you more info about Six Ages, but not the window title or menu title? 🙂 You should also be able to play the App Store build of Six Ages on an M1 Mac, but the Steam version would probably be more computer friendly. The App Store build of King of Dragon Pass is not old school, and you can play it on an M1 Mac. (To play the old school version, you need an old school Mac that can run an app built for PowerPC architecture.)
  3. By chance, do you still have that save? If so, can you send it in as a bug (see https://sixages.com/index.php/resources/)? I think I know what happened but would like confirmation.
  4. If you have an M1 Mac, you can get King of Dragon Pass from the Mac App Store.
  5. If you have one of the latest Macs, I believe you can play the version from the iOS App Store. (I launched it on my M1 MacBook Air but didn’t do any extensive testing.)
  6. Given the millennia between them, I wouldn’t expect them to be very close to the Grazers. They’re related, but not necessarily directly.
  7. There’s a good chance we inferred that for King of Dragon Pass. It was one of the earliest pieces when Greg Stafford was still approving all artwork individually. (Eventually he realized that it was all good, and stepped out of the pipeline.)
  8. Definitely check out Enclosure 2! Has anyone mentioned the Fonrit LARP? In my Umathela game, Fonrit was the looming enemy (to the aldryami and their humans). Simon Bray, Martin Hawley, Peter Metcalfe, and I were working up some material. I've got a work in progress homeland. My draft is from 2007, so people's thinking might have evolved. Here’s an excerpt that talks about Ompalam’s magic:
  9. People don’t have much understanding of farming (in our world, the plow is maybe 5000 years old, and farming could be twice as old). Given that the durulz are sometimes called “half-beasts” it seems possible that they were an extraordinarily successful experiment by the Remakers (to reverse-engineer keets), and didn’t exist in Dragon Pass before the end of the Imperial Age.
  10. alakoring


    Is there a game-finding post here? I am always happy to run HeroQuest but it would be in Tacoma, WA these days. Probably won’t get to GenCon.
  11. “Lights Going Out” lets you continue a game of “Ride Like the Wind,” so you can determine the next chapter in your clan’s saga.
  12. Not going by the Seven Families of the Riders?
  13. Six Ages is in the App Store for iOS, and is available for macOS from Steam or GOG. Currently, I think working on the next game is higher priority than figuring out the hoops you have to jump through for the Mac App Store. The Windows version is incompatible with versions of Windows earlier than 10. There is no “blocker,” just an attempt to explain things since Steam lets you buy games that your computer doesn’t have the system requirements for. (Unlike the App Store, just saying.)
  14. Must be pretty slight, I don’t recall that. My personal suspicion is that Shargash did indeed have a slash & burn aspect (i.e. fertility through fire) but this is no longer worshiped in Dara Happa due to the rise of cities.
  15. Don’t forget that as creatures associated with the Fire rune, hawks can also burn forests. https://bioone.org/journals/Journal-of-Ethnobiology/volume-37/issue-4/0278-0771-37.4.700/Intentional-Fire-Spreading-by-Firehawk-Raptors-in-Northern-Australia/10.2993/0278-0771-37.4.700.short
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