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  1. I didn’t want to use the Riskland character because I don’t think that one was Greg’s, but yes it muddles things even more.
  2. I think even when Greg was trying to be, the results didn’t look quite right. -a is not consistently a feminine suffix, for example: Orstohra was a Heortling king.
  3. alakoring

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    While I’m happy to see the myths subject to multiple interpretation, 1. The Riders are from Nivorah (GRoY.30); 2. Verapur is a northern city.
  4. alakoring

    Why are Pelorians so (comparatively) culturally diverse?

    Without thinking about this a whole lot, Peloria has tended to be ruled by empires, and empires tend to leave local rulers intact.
  5. alakoring

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    Could well be, though since neither the horse people nor the Vingkotlings are Dara Happans, I assume the Dara Happan version of their names is incorrect.
  6. alakoring

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    Heort’s people are Heortlings, so it does seem likely these are Ustrand’s people. Of course, what Heortlings call others can be anything at all — “Horse Spawn” was Greg's term (used for the Grazers in the early days of resettlement). IMO Vuranostum is a corruption of Vuranoste — note all the Grazer names like Hendroste, Jardanroste, etc. And note that the Dara Happan script has a glyph for -um.
  7. alakoring

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    I wanted to get those in, but the map on p.348 of Guide to Glorantha shows them all way too far north (and probably under the Glacier). That’s always the problem with Glorantha, there’s always cool stuff just outside the map…
  8. alakoring

    Pirates in Umathela

    Like Peter said. You pay the malasps for protection against the malasps. As beings of the sea, they have plenty of ways to deal with you if you don’t pay up. Other parasites are free to attack your ship, as long as they too have paid the malasps for the right to be on the ocean while doing so.
  9. alakoring

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    Hmm, given it’s from Sandy, this is probably relevant though I still don’t see any Fire Tribe Lightbringers myself. (Elmal guards the stead.)
  10. alakoring

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    I wrote some memories of working and playing with Greg at https://kingofdragonpass.blogspot.com/2018/10/farewell-greg.html Thank you Greg for all you’ve given me over the years. I literally wouldn’t have had any kind of game development career without you. Or have branched out my interests into mythology and anthropology without you having made games informed by them. And maybe wouldn’t have had a tlayuda or mezcal. Best wishes on your final trip to the Other Side.
  11. alakoring

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    To me, she was closer to Humakt. (I can’t recall if this was from Sandy or not.) Tracked down http://glorantha.temppeli.org/digest/gd8/2001.03/2170.html but haven’t located Sandy’s original online.
  12. alakoring

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    I got the Nine Lightbringers from Sandy Petersen, a post on the old Glorantha Digest if I recall correctly. The Umathelans had been experimental subjects for the God Learners, so they sort of had to assemble their own Lightbringers without access to full pantheon.
  13. alakoring

    Six Ages is out on iOS

    The whole game is dug up from the Stafford Library. As in KoDP, we had to create new myths, but we used existing material whenever possible.
  14. alakoring

    Six Ages is out on iOS

    The rune was supposed to give it away: the Storm Age.
  15. alakoring

    Six Ages progress update

    …which leads to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/six-ages-ride-like-the-wind/id934012726?ls=1&mt=8&at=10laGk