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Major sites/temples for Chalana Arroy worship in the Dragon Pass and Prax areas ?

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There is a major CA temple /  hospital in Jonstown for sure, the House of Mercy.  See the Starter Set The World of Glorantha, p.34, it's in the Upper City.

But there are many minor CA temples / hospitals.

In Prax I believe there is one at  Horn Gate, see p.69 of Borderlands, and one at The Paps.

But besides that every city of size will have one.

Even in Balazar there is a CA priestess in Trilus at Lightbringers Hall, with a shrine - see Dushi Sone on p.71 of Griffin Mountai .


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The Gamemaster Adventures lists Chalana Arroy among the deities with shrines in the Colymar tribe (p. 14) and the Chalana Arroy priestess, Kerisdana Hollybright, as being at the Lighbringers Temple in Clearwine. So shrines but no dedicated temples.

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11 hours ago, Agentorange said:

leaving aside Esrolia....where are they ?

Based on @Jeff's rough numbers: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/chalana-arroy-goddess-of-mercy/ and other references:

For Sartar

  • Great temple: Jonstown
  • Major Temple: Boldhome 
  • Shrines: other towns / tribal centres

Chalana Arroy is roughly 2% of the adult population everywhere, so you can do the maths where needed. The work out the temple size available for that number of people.

So Colymar with 5300 adults, has 106 CA initiates, they gather at the Clearwine Lightbringers temple that has a shrine to CA (see GMSP adventures book)

Using the numbers in the adventures book with adults making up about 43% of a population, and population numbers from the guide, I'd expect Old Tarsh with 35k to have 15050 adults of which 2% are CA, so 301 CA, so I'd put a Major temple in Wintertop (numbers bumped by lay members). I'd also put a shrine at the Shaker temple complex (1000 x .43 x .02 = 9), given the number of lay members likely to be present.

Throw in a few shrines for holy places (healing wells, healing stones, an outcrop of healing plants, healing spirit vortex, etc)


Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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