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Battle of Camlann

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I played the Battle of Camlann a few weeks ago and finished the GPC campaign. Even now, it's hard to believe.

My IRL campaign started almost 20 years ago. We'd played from 489 to 516, I think. I only had the Boy King's meagre guidelines at the time.

Then we started again 4 years ago. 520 to Camlann, with the children of the original characters.

The first campaign was set in Silchester with Duke Ulfius. In 510, during the battle of Bedegraine, a novice knight (named Morien, of course) killed King Lot in single combat after taking down his great banner. The player had made a series of monstrous dice rolls.

To reward him, King Arthur granted him the barony of Lambor, and the campaign was refocused there.

Playing all those years, the campaign gained incredible density, in terms of genealogies, sworn enemies, the consequences of minor acts performed years ago by your father biting you or rewarding you. An incredible role-playing experience.

Towards the end, I played Mordred's rise in a different way to that described in the GPC. As a man obsessed with Justice and purity, secretly ashamed of his bastardry. But a rational man, a statesman who had won the king's trust. A bit like Stannis, the One True King, for the ASOIAF fans.

When King Arthur, thanks to the actions of certain PKs, forgave the Queen and Lancelot, it was all too much for Mordred, who plotted a coup against this tyrant incapable of dispensing justice.

I had a PK who was in the commando charged with arresting Lancelot, and who survived to tell this bloody tale (!).

At the battle of Camlann, I had 3 PKs in Arthur's camp, and 3 PKs in Mordred's camp. There was a knight in Mordred's camp, and his wife, another PK, was in Arthur's camp.

Much bloodshed and tears later, they were all pretty much dead.

I'm proud of the journey I've made. I'm writing this little message, full of English mistakes, to tell you that it's possible to finish the campaign, and that it's incredible to see the GPC through to the end.

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In a few years, probably. KAP is my favorite RPG. 

At the time, I didn't have the GPC, only the Boy King. So I really want to play from 480 (with the Book of Uther). 

I am much more confident now about my own take on arthurian mythos. So yes, I would change things here and there to spice up the new campaign and keep the campaign fresh.

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