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Inverted Book & New Char Sheet


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Just joined up after getting my copy of the hardcover. It's a real beauty but there was a printing error and so the binding is back-to-front and upside-down. The pages are all there and in the right order but you have to turn the open it at the back with the cover upside down to read it properly. I've had it a week and it's still confusing me.

Still, I got a discount so it's not all bad.

Anyway, the reason I joined is because I've just finished building a character sheet for my own BRP game called Ragnarok Black. It's a fairly hard SF setting with a heavy dose of survival horror and post-apocalyptic stuff dropped on top.

I decided that I needed a character sheet to cover all the options I've gone for and also make things easier for my players so I built one in word and decided to post it here.

I've uploaded the Word version of the file (it's here) so feel free to bugger about with it all you want.

I've tried to make it entirely functional and also carry a bit of the theme so it's in landscape format with all the crunchy stuff highlighted to make it easier.

I've also put tracker fields around the edges so you can use paperclips to keep track of ammo, HP, PP, etc. I first saw that idea in the original Deadlands and I've always liked it.

All the skills are listed in there (except Status which I dropped and Zero-G which I added) and I've included fields for the Critical, Special and Fumble levels.

The only really system specific bits are the Fear Threshold (and Fear Level tracker), the Implants box (modified Powers) and the Interface Tools in the equipment section (implanted devices connected to gauntlets that let you interface directly with computers or machines) but those are easy enough to rip out if you want to change them.

Also, you may find the equipment section is divided up into too many sections but I figure for a survival horror game where resources are scarce I want the players to keep track of exactly where their stuff is so I've tried to make that as easy as possible.

Hopefully people will find it useful if only as a basis for their own sheets.

Oh, and hi.

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Nice sheet.

There is a game called Alpha Omega, which is a sort of smorgasboard post apocalyptic setting. The books are very high in production value (I look at them and drool, like a Pavlovian gamer response) and the system is very, very complex. As soon as I looked at your sheet I thought ' BRP conversion'. I think it would work for that game with very little modification.


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Thanks for the welcome guys and glad you like the sheet.

@Legion: I've just had a look at Alpha Omega, the production values are bloody amazing (at first I thought I'd gone to the wrong site and found a compute game) but that system looks like a bit of clunker. The setting's pretty cool though, seems a bit like Mass Effect meets New Crobuzon.

"Not gods - Englishmen. The next best thing."

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No, I haven't, I assumed they'd know about it already. I did look have a poke around the Chaosium site when I fist saw the inverted book but couldn't see any announcements about it so I fuged it must have been a fairly small run that suffered. To be honest it's not a big problem at all but it is bloody confusing at times.

When I first saw it in the shop (warning: moment of extreme stupidity appoaching) I picked it up and immediately fumbled it. The thing crashed into the deck and mashed two of the corners quite badly.

I hastily retieved it, hoped no one had noticed and flipped it open. Upside down. Figured I must have had it upside down when I grabbed it off the floor. Closed it. No, cover's the right way up. Open it again. Contents still upside down.

For a horrible moment by brain kind of shorted out and I was siezed by the terrible thought that somehow I'd dropped it so hard I'd mashed up the printing.

I quickly put it back on the shelf and retreated. On my way out I asked one of the till monkeys if they new their book was upside down and she said "Oh yeah, it's an error with the binding. But there's 10% off because of it."

Two weeks late I got paid and went to pick it up. Bloke at the counter asked if I new about the binding issue. "Yeah, 10% off isn't there?"

He nodded and then looked at the book. "Corner's a bit damaged here mate, I'll give you some extra discount on top."

Touch! Reduced from £35 to £27. I'm glad I didn't point out that the binding was only screwed because I dropped it so hard...

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I may shoot them an e-mail just to let them know. Although I'm becoming quite attached to it now.

I've just had a thought. Maybe it's like the Wicked Bible. It's probably got a conduit to hell in there or something, I just need to read the pages in the right (wrong?) order...

"Not gods - Englishmen. The next best thing."

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