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how many dark ages monographs were there?

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Here's a few more for you. The top 4 are Miskatonic Repository.

The Haunted Grove
A Color in a Dark Age
The Bloated Saint
The Secret of Silcestre
Never Meet Again (Stygian Fox)
Pagan Call (this was a longer campaign I really liked. It was legitimately free on one of the writer's web page, something like that.)
The Vampire of Schwarzbrunn (in World of Cthulhu 1)
Malevolence (in World of Cthulhu 3)
Lands of the Dark Wicche
The Tomb (scenario in the 2nd edition of Dark Ages, I think it was 2e? Catalog number is 2398. One of the writers did Pagan Call.)

A Conspiracy In Damascus (Bayt Al Azif #1)

Here Be Dragons (seems to be from the Pagan Call/Pegasus Spiele folks)

A New Jerusalem (tournament scenario for Hammercon III 2011)

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