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Great video Loz. A word of advice though (I'm sure you get these all the time), please don't sit next to a window. The light from the window messes with the camera leaving you in darkness. Facing the window or at right angles works OK, but not source of bright light in the camera's field of view.


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That might not be a bad thing! :)

I'd agree. ;-)

Also, in our house, its impossible to avoid windows. The study where we filmed that is the best room, but even that is windowed on three sides. Our main living area has floor to ceiling windows across two walls, windows behind and windows to the side. There was actually no ideal location. I could've used the garage, but it was 36 degrees outside that day, and the garage resembled a sweat-lodge...

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A good way of dealing with this is to wait until after the sun sets and use artificial light to illuminate the scene rather than the glare from the window.

So, what you are saying is; wait until the stars are right? ;D

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