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There's quite a few tools around now for playing rpgs on-line, with integrated chat, maps, dice-rollers and so on. Does anyone have any experience with these?

I played in an IRC game some years back (HW/HQ set in Prax and Pavis) which was fun, but haven't tried any of the newer tools.

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I tried a couple and so far I prefer Game Table.


It is simple and easy. If they start adding too many bells and whistles it just makes it harder to use.

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My group uses ScreenMonkey and it works well. It has a good mapping fuction, and you can import your own maps.

The dice roller can be embedded in the chat.


Only the GM has to purchase it for one-time fee of $30. The players can use it at no cost. Also, the GM can assign a co-GM or transfer GM privillages to another player.

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I'm still trying to think of which one will work best for BRP...

GRiP has the best preprogrammed chat/macros... and spiffy interactive character sheets too... ;)

Sounds great, but as it's Windows only not for me.

This thread is mostly about satisfying my curiosity though, as I'd have to find a group to play with first before deciding on what software to use.

So, for those of you who actually have played with a VGT (or IRC/chat etc) what are your experiences?

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well sadly the most progs in this direction are windose-only. I am mac fan and I hate to boot the "other side" of my mac up just in order to use the windose progs. I think I will use parallels again for this in the future. At least I dont have to reboot my beloved OSX the whole time with this tool. What a shame. :(

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I've been fiddling with KloogeWerks on and off for a year or so, although I've never actually used it in anger. It's a very cool tool, tons of features, nice look n feel, marred only by the fact that it doesn't have a complete "definition file" to enable you to play BRP out of the box. I've been hacking one up myself which is semi-usable, but it'd be cool to see a fully-featured one hit the shelves. Maybe one of these days, when I have some time... :lol:



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I use Screen Monkey for my game. It is very basic but it gets the job done and only the game master has to download. We also use Skype for audio chat. Which is free to download and very useful if you have a headset and mic.

I would be very interested in one that could share music files with the players to pump background music into all of the players headsets. I am a big fan of using mood music and soundtracks for running a game.

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Hi Folks

I'm new on this forum so please forgive any unintended breach of protocol.

I am a developer for SmiteWorks (the folks who produce Fantasy Grounds) so I am bound to biased on the subject of virtual table top software, but just wanted to let you know that a professional BRP 'ruleset' is being built to allow different genres and rule options to be played using this VTT.

There is some info on a thread over at the Fantasy Grounds (FG) forum, here, but I'd be happy to answer any questions on the subject.

As already mentioned, FG is a native Windows app, although I understand there has been success running it under Wine and Parallels. SmiteWorks have a longer-term aim of producing a native app for the Mac, but that is more of an aspiration than a bankable reality.

The FG ruleset for BRP is being developed under licence from Chaosium, and has Charlie and Dustin's support.

All the best


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Very good news. Maptool is a good product but I had got tired of its D&D-oriented style. I will join the dedicated forum asap.

One good feature of Maptool is that it runs on Mac and Linux. I second the request of a Mac version. This, or you help us persuade our Art Director to abandon his Mac after 20+ years. :lol:

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