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New release of Parpuzio (with the BRP Mecha fate rules made OGL)


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Taking advantage of some holiday time (the last for some months) I have released a new version of Parpuzio Game System.

It is still an intermediate version with many elements of which will be subject to change and revision. But it contains the Fate/Motivation Rules from BRP Mecha, thus made OGL and available for general use. These rules are playtested and definitely stable (as stable as a rpg rule can be, of course), so they may certainly be useful to someone.

Here is the link- Have fun.

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... it contains the Fate/Motivation Rules from BRP Mecha...

Could you say just a touch more about these?

Are you talking about something similar to the "FATE" rules' Aspects/Compels/Fate-points?


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You can go to the Parpuzio section in other forums and download them to check by yourself. In any case, there are similarities with fate but also big differences.

Thanks! I realize that I can go D/L the doc -- your OP mentioned it.

Frankly, I wanted to know a bit more, to know if it was worth my own time to do so: I don't really have time to deal with RPGstuff not to my taste. It's far too easy for me, these days, to waste ALL my available gaming time on stuff that -- while possibly quite wonderful for others -- is, well, a waste of my time (tastes and interests vary, after all).

So -- a BRP/Mecha flavored "fate" mechanic similar to -- but also very different from -- the "FATE RPG" fate-point mechanic. Sounds like it IS worth my time (and presumably, NOT worth some others' time... that being the nature of the beast). :7

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