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Parrying for a Friend


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My players and I want a rule where a warrior could stand over a down friend and parry for him or her and prevent the bad guy from killing the friend.


I was thinking that if the parrying warrior gave up his attack he could parry for the friend with no -30% penalty.


Do you guys have any experience with this? 

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Yes, I think defending someone would just count as a combat action as usual.

So if the defending character has not already defended that round then it would be their usual Parry roll. If they have already done so, then any further Parry attempts within that melee round would incur the accumulative -30% modifier as usual, regardless of whether they were being attacked or if they were defending another person.

If there are multiple people defending, then usually the character with the highest Parry chance will make the roll, with the other defenders providing a complimentary bonus to the roll, equal to the accumulation of their chances of a Special Success with their own Parry rolls.

I think those rules pretty much cover everything you're after here.

Well that's how I see this playing out

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If you are beside the protected character, then I'd allow a parry at full chance.


If behind or in stretching distance, then I'd make it a Hard roll, whatever the penalty for that is in the system being played.


If a long way away, I'd make them spend a Hero Point/Luck Point/Fate Point/Whatever and make an Acrobatics/Athletics/Whatever roll before being able to and make it the next step up from Hard.

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