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Spells: How many do we need?


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I'd suggest looking at Deep Magic in Advanced Sorcery. It's an all encompassing magic system that relies on Spheres and Glyphs.

The spell caster concentrates on the appropriate Sphere and Glyph for the desired affect.

example :

1.Marcus wants to shoot fire at an opponent. He concentrates on the fire sphere and the creation glyph. Success means fire appears on target.

2. Marcus wants to disintegrate a door. He uses flora sphere and dismissal glyph.

3. Marcus wants to become invisible . He concentrates on flesh sphere and alteration glyph.

Using these the possibilities are endless and totally unrestrictive, while not filling your book up with dozens of spells.

There may be other sources something similar to Deep Magic is used. There is an alternative system in the downloads section here.


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Author QUASAR space opera system: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/459723/QUASAR?affiliate_id=810507

My Magic World projects page: Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

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Not sure freeform magic is what you were thinking of but my players have developed spells to freeze doors shut, build bridges, replace limbs, cause lingering disease, gate and teleport, lay false tracks, mind control vendors, spook horses, go invisible, create illusions, fix a leaky boat and many more...

If you like check out the sample spells in the 1.8 version of "The Second Way" found in the download section for what they have developed to date. You can find it here -> http://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/471-the-second-way-draft/

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Check out our homebrew rules for freeform magic in BRP ->

No reason for Ars Magica players to have all the fun!

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