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Adding more variation among Orlanthi?


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On a more general note with respect to variability amongst the Orlanthi, we should never forget the wonderful gift we have in the 'Orlanthi All'.

When ALL Orlanthi follow one particular way of doing things, that only applies to 6/7 of them, or roughly 85.7%  When one starts to consider the possible variants within the other 14.3% there are no end of interesting possibilities.  In the intro to the Clan Questionnaire in Sartar, KoH (Page 37) it states "We provide sample answers" (my italics).

If the Orlanthi All were rigorously applied, then by the time one has reached the fifth question then only 51.2% of the clans would have answered the previous four questions as written!  If you applied it to the question relating to the deity with whom the clan has a close connection, 14.3% of Orlanthi Sartarite clans would have a primary link to a different deity.

Really, there is room for as much, or as little, variation as one wishes to insert.  YGWV, thanks be to Greg.


I am afraid that my question to Joerg regarding the identification with 'possibly one of the deities of the KoI' has been rather misunderstood by some readers.

If it was, indeed, Bodkartu being referred to, that is simple enough.  Thank you.


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