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OQ2 Basic - missing rules on earning Improvement Points


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I know that the basic edition has some of the rules removed, but the general idea was to provide a fully playable version of the game (albeit stripped-down). However, for the life of me, I cannot find the rules on how to earn Improvement Points. The rules on SPENDING them are there (Basic edition, page 75), but they are basically useless without the knowledge how to get them. The deluxe edition has, of course, both: earning IP (p. 68) and spending IP (p. 70). Was this an oversight or deliberate decision to remove those rules? (also: since the developers kit contains the same text as the basic edition, it also lacks the rules)

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Yup they've been missed out - because I stripped out the entire section on writing adventures where they turn up ;)

I'm about to do an update on OQ Basics, so I'll add the following Text, which is in OQ2 Deluxe.



Improvement Points
These are a measure of how the character grows with experience. The more experiences that the character has
during a Quest the more improvement points they will earn by the end of the session. Improvement points are
spent by players to increase and add new skills and spells

• For each session that the character played in 1point.
• For being the person who pushes forward the plot at a crucial point in the story 1 point.
• For being the Player who helped everyone have the most fun 2 points. This is determined by a vote amongst the players and Games Master.

Hero Points
In an average Quest, each character should also receive two Hero Points. This can be modified if the character
performed particularly poorly or heroically, giving a range of between zero and four Hero Points awarded.



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I just assumed that it was meant to be a bit vague in OQ Basic. I decided as a rule of thumb that you gained a Hero Point at the end of a Quest, perhaps more if it was lengthy or particularly arduous. I assumed each Chapter gave you an Improvement Point, plus an extra one here and there for incidental rewards such as good roleplaying, critical hits, great ideas etc. Actually looks very similar to what Newt outlines above.

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Right I've put the missing text into the new and improved version that will becoming out in a couple of weeks time ;)

If you've already obtained OQ Basics via Drivethrurpg.com all you'll need to do is re-download it.

If you've got it from elsewhere (such as the OQ2 Indiego go campaign) you'll be able to download it for free from DriveThruRpg.com when its released.

See the attached preview that kinda sums up the changes ;)


Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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