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Something i am working on, tinkering with for Duke Nukem RPG


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Something i am working on, tinkering with for Duke Nukem RPG

I currently have no gaming group, i like to hear  opinions!  Thanks in advance

I wanted basic starting skills directly related to characteristics!

Everything as far as my rules mods will be optional, use what you like skip what you don't like.

Duke Nukem RPG stats

CHAR                               BASIC STARTING SKILLS (not skill modifier)

STR                                  Experience( INT+POW)

CON --                             Action(avg of STR+DEX)+EXP   represents  skills like climb, jump, swim, etc.

SIZ --                               Combat(avg of STR+DEX)+EXP  represents skills like attack parry, dodge

INT --                               Knowledge( INT+POW

POW --                            Perception(CON+EXP)   represents skills like spot, listen, scent etc.

DEX --                             Persuasion(avg of CHA+APP)+EXP represents skills like fast talk, bargain etc.

CHA --                             Stealth(DEX+EXP) represents skills like hide, sneak, ambush, etc.

APP --                             Psionics(EXP) does not guarantee psionic ability, it simply represent the skill % if one had  psionics

Move Rate avg of Dex+str( siz may effect it.)

Damage Bonus | Actions/Round (APR) | Heal Rate(weekly)

Average of  Damage | DEX       Actions/ | CON+        Heal

STR+SIZ      Modifier | SCORE    Round | SCORE       Rate

01 to 04        –1D6     | 01 to 04     1/2      | 01 to 04    1/2 weeks

05 to 08        –1D4     | 05 to 08     1/1      | 05 to 08    1/week

09 to 12        None    | 09 to 12     2/1      | 09 to 12    1D2/week

13 to 16       +1D4      | 13 to 16     3/1      | 13 to 16   1D4/week

17 to 20       +1D6      | 17 to 20     4/1      | 17 to 20   1D6/week

21 to 28      +2D6      | 21 to 28      5/1      | 21 to 28   2D6/week

29 to 36      +3D6      | 29 to 36      6/1*     | 29 to 36   3D6/week

37 to 44      +4D6      | 37 to 44      7/1*     | 37 to 44  4D6/week

45 to 52      +5D6      | 45 to 52      8/1*     | 45 to 52  5D6/week

53 to 60      +6D6      | 53 to 60      9/1*     | 53 to 60  6D6/week

61 to 68      +7D6      | 61 to 68     10/1*    | 61 to 68  7D6/week

69 to 76      +8D6      | 69 to 76     11/1*    | 69 to 76  8D6/week

77 to 84      +9D6      | 77 to 84     12/1*    | 77 to 84  9D6/weel

Each +8      +1d6      | Each +8    +1/1* | Each +8 +1D6/week

note actions/round(APR) is number of actions per 12 second combat round.

*......Only Gods, Mutants, Magic creatures can have a APR above 6/1!

Max APR is 6 for normal humans even with modifiers listed below

Damage Bonus modifiers                                              | Actions/Round (APR) modifiers table

Situation                           Modifier                                  | Situation                             Modifier

underwater**                   ½ of normal                             | wounded                                    -1

thrown                             ½ of normal                             | major Wound                      ½ of normal

wounded                         -1 point                                     | drunk, drugged, dazed        ½ of normal

major wound                 ½ of normal                               | Stunned,restrained             ½ of normal

drunk,drugged              ½ of normal                               | under water                          ½ of normal

Stun,restrained             ½ of normal                              | very light weapon                x2 of normal

low gravity@                 x2 of normal                              | low gravity@                       x2 of normal

heavy gravity@            ½ of normal                               | heavy gravity@                    ½ of normal

minimum APR is 1/2rounds

**....melee weapoms do ½ of normal damage under water.

@...assumes character is not accustomed to this gravity.

The game is mostly done, i have stats for most of the creatures from Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem Forever, will also have stats for DN I and II

I have weapons, equipment, time line and much more.

I will have also standard BRP stats for those who don't like my modification of BRP. It will be free  right now mainly working on some original fan art and basic writes ups!


let me know what you think! Thanks in advance :)

Also working on POTA, Doom, wolfstien rpg for BRP system.

I am thinking of doing Logan's Run for BRP system.



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I am still collecting data for Logan's Run. I will see what i can do, maybe i can do a basic write up to get you started.

I got a lot of work done on Duke Nukem rpg, and Doom RPGs ! Duke Nukem is more complete!  ! POTA is on the side line for a bit as i have restructured the games somewhat, and i need to convert POTA to the new system.    I just started converting my old doom to the new system.  If anyone wants to help or contribute with any of the games, let me know. i will give you full credit for any contributions, and list websites, home page links, etc. All the games will be free as i can't afford to liscense them.  I also got a lot of artwork drawn up for Duke Nukem RPG. Unfortunately still a lot to draw! I


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I might work on quake, eventually. Right now i been taking a break from duke nukem, and doom and been working on Logan's Run. I read the first novel, but i was very tired. For what i recall the book is very vague on certain things. I stated out civilians by lifeclock cycle, also typical sandman, gypsies, cubs aka cubscouts, watchmen , mech eagles. Right now i can only guess as to stats for watchmen Mechanized armored robot with heavy armor and multiple weapons. Mech eagles poses a problem although i stated them out. So far i don't know if they are fully mechanized robotic eagles, or if the are some sort of hybrid mutant cyborg of a eagle. I am hoping the next novel gives more information  I have stats for the movie blaster and the book DS "Gun" i will have life clock stats for both the book, the movie and tv show. each one has difference.  I am reading a PDF version, so  i don't know if the original novel had a maps or basic sketches or not. The pdf i have, has no images. It could be my pdf reader is two outdated to display them if the original books had any pics,.

This disappointing thing is i have found no maps of areas. I would like a basic map of dome city detailing what building are what also a map of the Crazy horse caverns,

A map showing the basic premise of the maze, a topographical map showing where the dome city is and where Washington DC and other locations in the book that are referenced. I know where Washington D.C. is on a map but i don't know the exact location of the dome city.  i do know that "Thinker" is  deep below crazy horse mountain in the caverns.  I am hoping that book two Logan's world reveals more info on stuff.

I did find some flor plans for movie sets that is cool.

I will post all the reference links in the book also

I have tried drawing the maps myself, and usually i am good at doing that, but lately i just cant seem to do it justice.

If anyone has seen any maps please send me the link.

I am doing all this on little sleep, so its taking longer than i had hoped.

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I just updated the Logan's Run file i did some corrections, and added devilstick hover cycles, and added Gypsy vow! its not a lot.

Unfortunately i lost my ebook of novels and my backup failed, so i think i will need to get some physical book copies. also physical book copies will be less eye strain.

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