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Which is the best published scenario for RQ6?


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Also if you're looking for something more structured get the Book of Quest. For short free scenarios you have the venture in the game Masters Pack, Sariniya's Curse.   Hessart's Treasure is another good one. They all can be found on drivethroughRPG or the design mechanisms website.


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Book of Quests would definitely be lower prep than Monster Island. I like Monster Island better, but it is a sandbox, so you need to have a decent grasp of the whole book when you start. Book of Quests contains a series of individual adventures that form an overarching plot. You only need to read the brief setting chapter, then the first adventure, and you are all set to begin. You can read each additional adventure later on as needed. 

I've run Sarinya's Curse as well, and it is a nice introduction. It's suitable for beginning characters. It's structured but still has room for a variety of approaches. It even has pregens if you just want to jump in and play, letting your players get in a session of the game before making their own characters. 

Shores of Korantia has three adventures. They can each be run alone, but they are links between them that allow them to interwoven for a more complex story. I haven't run them yet, but they look good. 

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Quite frankly, everything released by TDM is top quality. The question is more what kind of game you want to run.

As others have said, The Book of Quests (and Sarinya's Curse) requires the least amount of preparation. You can run them as a campaign, or just pick one or two scenarios.

Mythic Britain contains seven scenarios (our group is just starting the last one), but requires more commitment, as the scenarios work better as a campaign.

Monster Island is a great sandbox, but doesn't really contain any written scenarios as such. Tons of quest hooks though.

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I am biased, being one of the authors, but Book of Quests was designed to be as easy as possible to pick up and play. Each scenario is self-contained and demands a minimum of background and prep. They're also designed so that players and GM don't need any kind of in-depth knowledge of the RQ magic systems. All in all it pretty much meets all your demands. 

Monster Island is a lot of over-the-top fun but there will be more prep involved unless you're really comfortable improvising sessions around encounter tables and seeing what happens next.

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