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Battle of Iceland/Battle of the Auroch Hills


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Do we have the units and number of tropps involved on each side for Battle of Iceland/Battle of the Auroch Hills:




I'm about to embark on the fool's mission of setting it up with 10mm figures as well as building a scale model of the battlegroundbattle_of_the_auroch_hills_by_magiy-d8sg.

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HQG p.88 notes the units.


  • includes seven Lunar regiments
  • Vanguard: Arrowstone Cavalry, the Lasadag Lions, and the Raibanth Line
  • Command Group: General Urtherion's bodyguards, priests, and three units from the Lunar Field School of Magic (composed of two Minor Classes and one Major Class). At least the Major Class unit is protected by the University Guards.
  • Beryl Phalanx - one of the major units of the Lunar army
  • Tarsh Native Corps: mercenaries and auxiliaries included the Sun Dome Templars, the Furthest Foot and the Talfort Foot
  • noted in Orlanth is Dead: Diavizzi Guards from the Scorching Swords under Vatheria Scorchsword, probably in the vanguard


  • Command Group: King Broyan and his magician priests, his bodyguards, the Stormwalker magicians from Old Wind Temple, and several groups of adventurers and powerful volunteers
  • Hendriki militia: militia skirmishers, although several kings command large numbers of heavy cavalry
  • Sartarite volunteers: volunteers (i.e. rebels) following Kallyr Starbrow and other rebel leaders; Culbrea tribe follows/joins
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1 hour ago, Tobbe-A said:

Thanks jajagappa,

I do have the HQG, but I still lack the actual number soldiers in each unit. I could go with say 500 in each unit as a base, but I'd love to have more gritty details if it has been noted anywhere.


Infantry regiments have a nominal strength of roughly a thousand, bodyguard 'units' fifty, cavalry regiments five hundred. It is rare for regiments to be at full strength.

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I think Martin's numbers are good for regular Lunar army units.

The Diavizzi Guards were 200 (80 spearmen, 120 archers) plus another 175 for the rest of the Scorching Swords.  That's paper numbers and seems typical of the private vexilla (the Silverflames are another example at ~350).

Barbarian Adventures lists Arrowstone Cavalry at 500, Beryl Phalanx at 150 lines of 8 men (1200, which I'd say is high - I think Marble Phalanx elsewhere is at 1000), Lasadag Lions at 1000.

Barbarian Adventures also notes Tarshite warbands at ~70 men.  This may be typical of the Sartarite and Heortling warbands joining Broyan.

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32 minutes ago, jajagappa said:

Beryl Phalanx at 150 lines of 8 men (1200, which I'd say is high - I think Marble Phalanx elsewhere is at 1000)



The Stonewall phalanxes probably retain the organization stipulated by Emperor Urvairinus before Time. A regiment consists of ten Centuries each of a hundred soldiers; each Century is composed of nine Tens of nine soldiers and a Guardian, and one Ten of specialists: the Centurion, his deputy, three bodyguards and five healers. A Polemarch commands the regiment. Suggested organization:


Stonewall Organization



Lochagos /File-Leader

Dimoirites/Half-File Leader


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For anyone interested, the miniatures rules linked to by that eventful listing which is from 2007 are still up on the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20150306030208/http://www.lightofaction.com/Rules/FyrdnPhalanx.pdf .

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What really happened?  The only way to discover that is to experience it yourself.

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