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Map of Ancient Rome


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Looks nice, good find...for my mythic Rome campaign I managed to find a nice map of the city of Rome itself: http://www.aclclassics.org/store/poster-roma-archaica.html

Basically, it's the city during end of monarchy /  early republic... ordered it from the American Classical League after giving up finding it in Italy (by Google), so it's coming the long way around.

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It is extremely difficult to find city maps of Republican Rome. The best one I possess is from a specialised archaeological journal covering the Augustan period (so after the Republic has fallen), and whilst the detail of the map itself is still sparse, the 275 page catalogue of entries which accompanies it contained some fascinating details. However, its pretty dry and dense for those not grounded in academic publications.

For those who are interested and can afford such things, it is Supplement 50 available from the Journal of Roman Archaeology. (http://www.journalofromanarch.com/)

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This is proving to be a very useful thread... I received the map of Rome. It seems to be actually a poster printout from photo of a scale model on display at ' Museo della Civiltà Romana' - seen in this picture:

Rome. Model's of Ancient Rome: Lorenzo Quilici - Roma Arcaica / pre- Imperial Fora ([Scale 1:1000] (c.1991).

And it's better for giving a general visual impression of the city layout circa 500 bc. rather than as an accurate map as it's in perspective. Nevertheless, pretty nice as it is.

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