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The Gloranthan link list with links to gloranthan content on the web. The grand official Glorantha website on top, followed by by recent activity or very high content sites below, with a list of older fansites certainly also worth exploring below. Links to publications and fanzines are found in the Glorantha Publications thread and have been excluded from this list. Very low activity message groups have also been excluded.



Please post in this thread if you find a Glorantha website missing from this list!

Note that to keep this thread focused on the link list, all but the latest posts will be hidden after they have been responded to.

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16 hours ago, Tcneseleis said:

Are the links to the images in the Redline History of the Lunar Empire broken on glorantha.com?

History of the Lunar Empire First Wane


Yes, I need to remove them. This happened when the gallery plugin we used, fatally broke. We plan to migrate the site to chaosium and then the pics can be restored.

Edited by David Scott

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