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Glorantha is the mythical world created by Greg Stafford that first made its appearance with White Bear and Red Moon boardgame and later grew to fame as the default setting for the original RuneQuest role-playing game system. The setting has been used for several board games, novels, comics and several different role-playing game systems. The following is a list of products for Glorantha still in regular sale, in electronic or dead tree form. The links point to PDF versions if available, as they are not broken when the dead trees are sold out. Older OOP collectors items have been excluded from this list. Links to fanzines, fan fiction, computer games, board games, merchandice and miniatures have been added at the end.


The Guide, the Atlas & the Sourcebook (system-less)


RuneQuest Classics

HeroQuest Glorantha


Hero Wars

13th Age

The Stafford Library (system-less)

Please post it in this thread if you find a Glorantha publication missing from this list!


Jonstown Compendium  (Community Content available on DTRPG for RuneQuest and HeroQuest Glorantha)

Fanzines, con compendiums, comics & fan fiction!

Computer, mobile and board games

Miniatures and merchandice

Note that to keep this thread focused on the product list, all but the latest posts will be deleted after they have been responded to.

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Added the book of red magic and edited the description of the Jonstown Compendium
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maybe change "Jonstown Compendium  (Various self-published resources for RuneQuest and HeroQuest Glorantha)" to use the term "community content" and mention DTRPG, which gives folks (presuming they know of other such programs) a better sense; e.g...

The Chaosium-organized Community Content program on DTRPG, unofficial/non-canonical material for Glorantha, using RQ2 & RQG, 13G, and HQG/QW:G).

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