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Glorantha Publications

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Glorantha is the mythical world created by Greg Stafford that first made its appearance with White Bear and Red Moon boardgame and later grew to fame as the default setting for the original RuneQuest role-playing game system. The setting has been used for several board games, novels, comics and several different role-playing game systems. The following is a list of products for Glorantha still in regular sale, in electronic or dead tree form. The links point to PDF versions if available, as they are not broken when the dead trees are sold out. Older OOP collectors items have been excluded from this list. Links to fanzines, fan fiction, computer games, board games, merchandice and miniatures have been added at the end.


The Guide, the Atlas & the Sourcebook (system-less)


RuneQuest Classics

HeroQuest Glorantha


    Hero Wars

      13th Age

      The Stafford Library (system-less)

      Please post it in this thread if you find a Glorantha publication missing from this list!


        Fanzines, con compendiums, comics & fan fiction!

        Computer, mobile and board games

        Miniatures and merchandice

        Note that to keep this thread focused on the product list, all but the latest posts will be deleted after they have been responded to.

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        On 4/18/2019 at 5:37 PM, borbetomagnus said:

        I'm a Gloranthan neophyte so this may be common knowledge; What is title of volume V of the Stafford Library, and is it available?

        Vol. V is the Missing Lands - its current unavailability is the reason it has not made it to the list - only products in print are listed. 

        Edit: In print may be a misnamer - available for sale in dead tree version or PDF is the criteria. 

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        On 4/18/2019 at 9:34 PM, borbetomagnus said:

        Thanks, @Job

        No worries, @Bill the barbarian I appreciate the prompt response and I found some things on the Chaosium site that I've not noticed before such as the new clothing, maps and other merchandice available on the Chaosium Red Bubble store: https://www.redbubble.com/people/Chaosium/shop 

        I'll grab that link from you and add it to the list! 

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        On 4/24/2019 at 8:20 AM, lordabdul said:

        This is a super useful thread, thanks @Trifletraxor!

        Here are some notes I think might be worth adding:

        • Mentioning at the top that all the links are for the PDFs, but add a note specifically next to GtG, GSB, and the 4 books in the new line, that those are available in dead-tree format too.

        I've added to the description that the links point to PDFs if available to keep the list updated as dead-tree format goes in and out of print.

        • Make a note of reprinted material where the previous material is also in the list (since I'm not sure why you would want to buy both the old and, err, less old book, except for historical value or completing your collection):

        All products available for sale have been included. The older editions are still available, so they're still there. The list is light description-wise to make it an easier job to maintain. 




        Other remarks:

        • Wyrms Footnotes should be in the zine section at the end? (probably with a note that only issue 15 is available)
        • Sharper Adventures in HeroQuest Glorantha and Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha are in the HeroQuest Glorantha section, but also at the bottom since they're convention transcripts AFAIK. They should only show up in that bottom section I think?  (especially since both their first occurrence have a broken link... the bottom section occurrences have the correct link)
        • I'm told that the books in the HeroQuest and Hero Wars sections are mostly outdated and not considered canon anymore? It would be good to add a note about it if it's true?
        • Since all the other links point to electronic formats first, the King of Sartar should maybe point here first?
        • This missing volume V in the Stafford Library reminds me of another game... but yeah, maybe add a note that it's missing restoration.
        • The Book of Heortling Mythology is incorrectly labeled as volume IX instead of XI.


        Wyrms Footnotes 15 was published by Chaosium, so I considered it more "official" than the other fanzines. Sharper Adventures and Forgotten Secrets have been removed from the Heroquest Glorantha section as suggested. I haven't paid that much attention to what is uptodate cannon or not - I guess that would only be the guide, atlas, sourcebook and latest runequest and heroquest books. The electronic version of King of Sartar is an ePub book and not a PDF for some reason, I guess that is the reason I've linked to the physical copy. Waiting for the PDF! Book of Heortling Mythology is now correctly labeled!


          Some broken links to update:

          All the broken links went to dead tree versions. There was a reason for the shift to PDFs! ;) 


          That's it! :)

          Thank you for your input lordabdul! :)

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          On 2/12/2012 at 6:26 PM, Trifletraxor said:

          Note that to keep this thread focused on the product list, all but the latest posts will be deleted after they have been responded to.

          Just as a reminder - this thread isn't the best place for discussions as it is regularly pruned...

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