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I recently re-watched Kill Bill pt.1 again... and was curious about the scene with Kiddo vs. Go Go... and found that the weapon Go Go is using is actually pretty close to a real world thing called a Meteor Hammer.

Meteor hammer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


YouTube - Wushu - Shengbiao - Rope Dart / Meteor Hammer

It seems to combine some of the potential of a mace and a whip and a dart (for the rope dart version)...

How might you portray such a weapon in BRP game terms?

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My first thought would be


Be careful not to turn it into an uber weapon. Firstly for the nebulous god of game balance and secondly cause if it was better than every other weapon why hasn't everybody adopted it?


Second thought would be:

Whose work can I adapt with minimum effort* and pass off as my own. Answer those RQIII Land of Ninja chaps.

This kind of 'chain weapon' (thanks Bob and co) would be:

Strike Rank mod: 2 (0.5m rope) to 0 (2.5m rope)

AP2 (rope) or AP8 (chain)

Damage: 1d6+db (blunt) damage or no damage (entangle)

Cannot be used to Parry

Alternatively: 1 end can have a Knife (1d4+2) or Sickle (1d6) instead of a mass and this end can be used to Parry

Follows normal 2 weapon use (1 attack with each end precluding a Dodge)

My modified version

AP - I don't use so probably just suggest the previously published values

Strike Rank Mod: ditto

Damage: 1d6+db+(additional db if twirled around body for previous round)

or Entangle

Alternative: Really Big Mass 1d8+db

Cannot be used to Parry but can be used to Disarm

User gets an extra 'free' attack at full skill to account for having 2 ends to play with


* actually that might be first thought since the first words of wisdom are pretty much lifted from the old RQII book

Rule Zero: Don't be on fire

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Yeah, I don't want it to be an uber-weapon... more for flavor.

I loved those old Kung Fu Theater movies I used to see where a band of weird thugs would be sent out by the villain... I remember one having a dwarf with a blowgun, a giant with a hammer, and an old witch with some sort of poisoned snake staff where the fanged head would shoot out on a chain.

Also that old movie 'Masters Of The Flying Guillotine':

YouTube - The Flying Guillotine Fight Clip - Chen Kuan Tai Shaw Bros

(That sort of weapon seems like it would come under the 'powers' section rather than weapons or equipment...)

What I've read about the meteor hammer suggests it might make a sneak-attack weapon... maybe to disarm someone before the real melee starts... a quick blow to the head as the first strike after which the mooks rush in with swords.

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(That sort of weapon seems like it would come under the 'powers' section rather than weapons or equipment...)

Actually most of what you see in 'kung fu' [武俠] movies is best portrayed through the powers section!

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I dont have the rules yet( My local game store keep saying next shipment ) so I dont know how the rules handle entangling weapons.

But here what I see is the main drawback of entangling weapons. Its all nice when you score a hit around the Human guard captain ankle and can pull him off balance. But what about when the Great troll puts his left arm out and lets it get entangled on purpose? He going to go for a strength versus strength contest next round versus Go-Go . And my money is on Uhglee the Troll . perhaps a rule where anyone entangled can make a strength versus strength roll if entangled, but with a minus 20% versus a special hit and a minus 50% on a critical hit.

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Yeah, there are a few moves I've seen that involve shooting it forwards then rebounding it back between your legs...!!!

You know in most Japanese Samuria movies I seen , flexible weapons seem to be wield most often by woman warrior types. Wonder if thats why?

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