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Mysticism Dark Sight and Night Sight


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From RQ6 Mysticism, these descriptions confuse me. 

Dark Sight: allows the mystic to see in any level of light, including its absence.

Night Sight: allows the mystic to treat partial darkness as illuminated and complete darkness as partial darkness.


Is there any reason beside flavor that a person would choose NS over DS? I searched the forums for an answer and found nothing, and can't remember the old Design Mechanism site address anymore/remember if it even exists.

This isn't important at all...a player just asked last session and we all sat around the table scratching our heads as NS seems redundant.


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It in my mind is what the GM want to allow in the game. In my own game DS would be a  vary tightly held secret, that would be rumored to exist in fables and legends. So as you stated it is about flavor. I use mysticism quite a bit in my LutherArkwright games but I don't allow any of the player to start with it. It has to be sout out, and when someone is found that can teach it. Then the player must first prove himself worthy of the knowledge. 

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Remember that not everything in a "toolkit" book is available in each and every setting, and RQ6/Mythras definitely has the "toolkit" element.  One *COULD* easily have Jedi and X-Wing fighters using these rules, but that wouldn't sit well in an Ancient-Hellenic setting which is EQUALLY suited to them.

So everyone should remember that the entire book is NOT actually a menu of equally-available options for every character in every setting...

Sometimes the boundaries of what CAN'T happen are just as important to a game as what CAN...


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