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Rocketship Empires -1936

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I awaited the release of this product when it was touted as a d20 game. Now that it is systemless, I definitely want to pick it up. Thanks for the link!

And don't forget Realism Rule # 1 "If you can do it in real life you should be able to do it in BRP". - Simon Phipp

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Not yet, but I imagine that it would be relatively easy to do. One of the first things that comes to my mind is that you could have both Magic/Sorcery and Psychic powers in this campaign. Also, the Sanity Rules would add a great deal here.

One thing that I noticed in the little time I've been able to spend looking through their forum is that the author has apparently used CoC for some of the games he's run. Of course since he's apparently having health issues and hasn't been heard from in over a month, it's kind of hard to ask him about it. From what I've read so far, it looks like the Sanity Rules from CoC would almost be a must.

I'm currently in the process of running the setting past my players, if they all like the sounds of it, and I continue to like the sounds of it, I'll start looking at what it will take to use it with BRP.

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