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AAA - problem on website?


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1 hour ago, Rick Meints said:

We are out of stock for a bit until we get it reprinted.

TYVM!  Will the reprint'ing include hardcover copies?

I prefer a very-durable copy...  And yes (per other threads) I do know that softcovers CAN be made more-durable...  But I usually find my hardcovers endure better than my softcovers.


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10 minutes ago, Rick Meints said:

We will probably only reprint it as hardcover.

again -- TYVM!  :)

Now for the EvilQuestion(tm)...  got an ETA on that?   B)

(also, fwiw:  it might be worth revising the website to automatically show various "out of stock" statii for any given product that hits zero inventory (depending on your plans for the title)...

  • being reprinted
  • Setting up with Lulu/POD service
  • still deciding on reprint-or-POD status
  • recently out-of-stock / maybe some in retail or distributor pipeline
  • any other statii you deem reasonable

to pre-empt 1-off answers (such as this thread) -- I'm a big fan of letting automation handle things, where it's reasonable, so people can do the real (and hopefully fun) stuff ).

C'es ne pas un .sig

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