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Holy places for Found Child cult


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The Found Child cult has no holy places in Balazar.  

"As a nomadic cult, there is no true center of power, but the strongest foci of this cult are among nonherding tribes. The only important holy place is the site where Foundchild was discovered, in the Dog Hills."

Does this mean that a cultist could only replenish their magic points at that one spot?


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To me this means that the cultists need to participate in the ritual hunts, with the site where the prey is cornered and slain being the temporary holy place.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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In a sense most significant hunts could be a ritual  ( which has the side effect of replenishing magical energy).

Hunting day to day quarry like fowl probably would not qualify, but going out and being encamped in a hunting party after major beasts could all considered participation in a ritualised event.

In this case the hunting party could be considered sanctified, rather than any specific location.

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The Praxian version of Foundchild is similar in many ways to the Balazaring cult. The hunters fire is the magical centre of Foundchild's activities. Meat is dressed, weapons made and repaired, stories of the hunt are told and food is eaten. In the corner of your eye there is always the reassuring feeling that Hearthmother is there in the background, although your Grandmother is safe at home. The fire was Hearthmother's gift, and it's here that Foundchild sits.

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