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A "master list" of Glorantha-able figures

David Scott

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Andrew Taylor or on G+ asked: 



I am trying to compile a "master list" of Glorantha able figures. This not only includes licensed minis but also "stuff that may be suitable for..." I am especially interested in product that is generally available now, as well as de-listed product that is available on ebay etc.
Web site details would be helpful i
The completed lists will be made available to everyone.
If any licensed mini companies want to share any WIP products with likely release dates that would good for everyone to know.
Current licensed mini companies producing are Rapier and Infinity Engine, and I would urge you to consider from buying from them first.
So. this week, starting with Chaos.... I have
Scorpionmen. Rapier - (current) MKC,/Citadel (de-listed)
Broo. Fenris (current) MKC/Citadel/ Ral Partha (de-listed)
Walktapus . Does Fenris have one ? / Ral Partha - de listed
Jack o Bear. . Infinity Engine / Fenris. (curreny) Ral Partha (de-listed)
Dragonsnail. Infinity Engine (current) Citadel (de-listed)
Harpy ??
Vampires. ??
Undead. ?? maybe with "beastmen" undead
Runequest Ogres, by which I mean a good looking range of male/ females with mixed armour and weapons.
Monster pieces . Any models of Cwim or similar?
Anything else ?
Thank you

I've open this thread as G+ posts become harder to find as they move down.

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Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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<begins twiching, with fingers forming a "hold paintbrush" position>

Damn you.  That is... that is... cruel and unusal punishment.  If all that (and more, as others contribute to the list) is, in fact, reasonably-available... I am facing financial ruin here!


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C'es ne pas un .sig

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Armorcast (http://www.armorcast.com/miniatures) has many of the old Ral Partha Gloranthan miniatures still for sale. They've renamed them but they''re there:

Lance & Laser, Ancient Dark Age Line: Barbarian Berserker = Harrek, Valkyrie = Gunda, Babylonian Emperor = Lunar Emperor, others that are clearly Lunar and Sartarite..

Lance & Laser Dragons Line: Dragonkin Champion = Dragonnewt Warrior, etc.

Lance & Laser, Fantasy Monsters Line: Baboon Shaman, Baboons, Beastmen warriors spearmen and shaman = broo.




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Bad squido games has a kickstarter shortly that features lots of Norse female warriors and some of the Gods that look as if the could be useful as Orlanthie  depending on how you see them dressed. or for the Viking pack. 

Harwoodshobbies.com have some figures that may be of interest also especially in there Sinbad range.

Warlord games have brought out gangs of Rome figures that may also do

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