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Anyone have this book? Is it good? What are its high points and low points? Is it worth the $18 on Amazon?

The author knows his subject pretty well, and it does a good job of adapting the Call of Cthulhu rules and feel to late first millennia Europe. I think it would have worked better as a supplement, rather than a stand alone game, if only because it would have given Stephane more sapce for setting details, as it does "skate" rather lightly over a large area. There a re a few irritating editing gaffs and omissions (tables that don't agree, some creatures entities you'd expect to be included that aren't), but on the whole I was pleased with it when I bought it, and have enjoyed the games I've played. I like the support material I've read (two monographs - the Pastores and the Abbey).

For $18 it's good value I'd say.



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I'm preparing to run a play-by-post game with Cthulhu Dark Ages, so clearly I am a fan.

I have tweaked the rules a bit to suit my tastes, but that isn't a criticism. Of course the author had to adhere to the standard CoC mechanics except where necessary to adapt to the Dark Ages.

It could have more info about the setting, but I figure there is plenty of info about the Dark Ages already in the public library, so it isn't necessary to include very much. Besides, if it had a ton of info, it wouldn't be $18!

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For the $18, it is well worth the price. I am a very big fan, and melds very well with the CoC system, so having it as a stand alone game really isn't in it's favor...

The material is more in depth that with many other "Dark Age" type supplements/games, and is well researched.

The only bad thing for powergames (other than playing BRP, or CoC for goodness sake...) is that the skills available for PC's are a faaaaar cry from any sort of "heroics" that PC's may think of engaging in....Stormbringer, this isn't.

For $18 I'd buy a second copy :happy:


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