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Adventures In Glorantha Preview


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I am guessing that the AIG preview book is not readily available but are all of the monsters and spells available elsewhere?

I have been looking at the  notesfrompavis.wordpress.com mythras encounter generator which looks great.

Does the generator contain all of the Glorantha creatures for mythras or is it still being added to?


Many thanks




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It contains almost all that I have found. There are some sea mammals from Anaxial’s Annex (an online resource) that are missing and may miss some of the rare outer plane thingies from Anaxial’s Roster but should have everything else. if you find something missing, please indicate to me... The rate of adding has slowed due to the above mentioned being quite rare and due one other hobby project I am working on In addition to real life intervening...)

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All the creatures in AIG are there. All the spells are mentioned with the cults using them in the Glorantha one pagers and as far as I can recall spell names also added to the various cult members and cult descriptions within the Encounter Generator. If I recall correctly all the spells were from the original sources - just given AiG treatment.

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Thanks Hkokko. I miss some of the more common Glorantha monsters such as scorpion men, dragonnewts etc but thankfully mythras includes the chaos hybrid ( broo). My personal favourite.

I will be busy generating encounters this weekend. Brilliant resource!



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The statement is: if a creature has ever had RQ stats on any magazine or publication it is in the Encounter Generator (except for the mechanicals). If it has had Hero Wars/Heroquest stats - 90-95% of those are there as well. So if you find something is missing do a few searches you will probably find it there - if not, raise it for example here and it will likely get added.  

You will find many of the encounters by using tags as well but that depends on whether the person has added the tag to the creature.

Here are the dragonewts and sorpionmen currently in the encounter generator

This is crowdsourced - I have created many for my. campaign or amusement but others have and can....





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Do you remember the edition of the Dragon magazine dating back to the late eighties that had RQ stats for lots of new undead creatures?

The only one I can remember was called Goldfinger.

Annoyingly I throw it away during a period when I was into historical wargaming over RPg - I really regret it now!!

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27 minutes ago, Jasper said:

Pretty comprehensive then.

So, I can generate a group of monsters for the encounter but I wonder if it is possible to print as a PDF the stats and description of the basic scorpion man for example?


the generated ones can be printed as pdf or png from the generated page. 

You can print the template as a pdf if that is what you would like. It is just a template then and might not be as useful. Whatever is on the template gets printed but it depends of course what the creator of template has written there.... Statistics page shows now 2770 templates - most of us who have created these might not have had the intent of creating full detailed descriptions in the notes part....


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21 minutes ago, Jasper said:

Do you remember the edition of the Dragon magazine dating back to the late eighties that had RQ stats for lots of new undead creatures?

The only one I can remember was called Goldfinger.

Annoyingly I throw it away during a period when I was into historical wargaming over RPg - I really regret it n

Have not seen that, did not realise that Dragon had any RQ stats ever. Does any of the tribe know the issue...

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1 hour ago, Jasper said:

Do you remember the edition of the Dragon magazine dating back to the late eighties that had RQ stats for lots of new undead creatures?

The only one I can remember was called Goldfinger.

In my searches I found an interesting little resource; it lists every author published in Dragon magazine up to at least #351 (as far as I looked, which was the first few pages).  It also has a listing for the game(s) to which each article applies, which made it much more searchable.  It's called the DragonDex.  Unfortunately, of the eight entries I found, none applied, so unless it's a more general article that includes the conversions, it doesn't appear to appear. :)

Curious monkey that I am, I checked for my own name to see if it was there, and, lo and behold, there I was...with another article that I'd completely forgotten that I'd ever written, let alone had published!  (Reading over it, I was, shall we say, less than impressed with myself, but then I was 15 years old when it was published, and may have been 14 when I actually wrote it.)

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Just for reference, it wasn't the Dragon Magazine it was White Dwarf magazine that I was thinking of.

Issue 34 did have a couple of RQ creatues but I confused this with undead AD&D monsters. I remember converting these to RQ years ago.

Distant memories...

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I think what you're looking for is in WD 54, in the RuneRites column:  

  Down Among the Dead Men - Undead in RQ


I found that via Runequest/White Dwarf Index, apparently a listing of all RQ-related articles there.  Not surprisingly, there are many more RQ articles than in the Dragon.  A number of other monsters seem to have been published, too...check out the listing.

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Here is the article - http://rpgarcanearchive.blogspot.fi/2014/11/down-among-dead-men-undead-in-runequest.html

all of the things mentioned there are available in Encounter generator from a source or another. Redcap I think was in one of the Chaosium bestiaries...


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It seems that I have missed some of the WD articles. Have to go to the garage to find the articles. Vrak, Nachak, Crypt Stalker, Kirin, sharp toothed Hydra, Night Shrieker, Fossergrim seem to be ones that do not exist in the encounter generator. Not sure whether they appear in any Gloranthan lore. Eventually might add them or if someone from the crowd wants to add them that is of course fine. Thanks for pointing to these resources for the articles. 

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As for what is in White Dwarf Magazine:

WD #14, August/Septemebr 1979.
Lair of the White Wyrm, John Bethell, reprinted in The Best of WD Scenarios.

WD #19, June/July 1980.
Jorthan’s Rescue, Stephen Marsh & John Sapienza, Jr. Scenario.

WD #29, February/March 1982.
Lucky Eddi, OD, pg 16. Griselda tale.

WD #30, April/May 1982.
Unarmed Combat in RuneQuest, OD, pg 18. RuneRites column written under the alias of E  Varley.
Griselda Gets Her Men, OD, pg 18. Griselda tale (reprinted).

WD #31, June/July 1982.
Crime and Punishment, Geoff Winn, pg 22. RuneRites  column on character motivation.

WD #32, August 1982.
The Cyclops, Jim Sizer, pg 25. RuneRites column with cyclops and Griselda stats.

WD #33, September 1982.
Rumble at the Tin Inn, Michael Cule, pgs 18-23. A bar room brawl for Apple lane, with map and character stats.
Invisibility and Magic, OD, page 25. His RuneRites has the Cap of Sight magic item and a GS piece on the spells he won’t use.

WD #34, October 1982.
Cults of Terror Review, OD, pg 16.
Creature Creations, Andrew Brice & Peter Davies, pg 18. Monsters Vrak and Nachak.

WD #35, November 1982.
Borderlands Review, OD, pg 15.
WeaponQuest, Andrew Brice, pg 18. RuneRites column on weapon skills to help better define combat.

WD #36, December 1982.
TrollPak Review, Tim Moyse, pg 26.
Rules Additions, Simon Early, pg 28. RuneRites column with snippets on RQ2 rules.

WD #37, January 1983.
SoloQuest Review, Clive Bailey, pg 14.
MagicQuest, OD, pg 26. Farhear and Ventril-oquism spirit and Power Matrix rune spells.

WD #38, February 1983.
Questworld Preview, OD & Bob McWilliams, pg 17. Submissions for the GW continent.
Lords of the Spirit World, Dave Morris, pg 27. RuneRites column on spirit mechanics.

WD #39, March 1983.
Runeblades, Dave Morris, pgs 16-17.
Creature Creations, Graham Northing & Dave Morris, pg 31. RuneRites monsters Sharp-toothed Hydra & Crypt Stalker.

WD #40, April 1983.
Zen and the Art of Adventure Gaming, Dave Morris, pgs 10-11. Land of Ninja article.
SQ2: Scorpion Hall Review, OD, pg 16.
Trading, OD, pg 17. RuneRites on the skill.
RuneQuest Characters, Nelson Cunningham, pgs 30-31. A character generator written in BASIC.

WD #41, May 1983.
A Tasty Morsel, OD, pgs 16-17. Griselda.
Unarmed Combat II, OD, pg 25. RuneRites.

WD #42, June 1983.
Shamus Gets a Case, OD, pgs 14-15. Griselda.
The Snow King’s Bride Review, OD, pg 16.
Horses, Graham Cobley, pg 31. RuneRites.

WD #43, July 1983.
Questworld Review, OD, pg 12. Good review.
Hanufa’s Little Sister, OD, pgs 16-17. Griselda.
Arms Talk, OD, pg 29. RuneRites on damage.

WD #44, August 1983.
Dealing with Demons 1: Demon Magic, Dave Morris, pgs 17, 18, 20. Summoning, possession and binding of Demons.
Creature Creations, Dave Morris & Simon Basham, pg 29. Monsters Kirin & Golems.

WD #45, September 1983.
Pavis Review, OD, pg 11.
Dealing with Demons 2: The Lesser Demons, Dave Morris, pgs 13-15. Demons w/stats.
Divinations, OD, pg 27. RuneRites with rules clarifications, especially Griffin Mountain.

WD #46, October 1983.
RQ Companion Review, OD, pg 12.
Dealing with Demons 3: Greater Demons, Dave Morris, pgs 16-19. Stats and powers.
Swashbuckler, Oliver MacDonalds, pg 34. RuneRites on Questworld Panash cult. As if the first time wasn't enough.

WD #47, November 1983.
Big Rubble Review, OD, pg 15.
Extracts from the Travels of Tralk True-Eye, Ian Bailey, pgs 18-19. Hobgoblin & goblins.
Daily Health and Force of Will, Paddy Barrow & Dave Morris, pg 27. Health and morale.

WD #48, December 1983.
Crom Cruach, Ian Bailey, pg 19. Goblin cult.
Creature Creations, Dave Morris & Simon Bashir, pg 24. RuneRites column on Ice, Desert and Swamp Jasmai and Tan-Piri.
The Lone Level Sands, Dave Morris & Oliver Johnson, pgs 26-31. Haunted crypt scenario.

WD #49, January 1984.
Runes in the Dungeon, Dave Morris, pg 19. Making RQ more like D&D. Just say no!
RuneQuestions, OD, pg 20. RuneRites Q&A.
The Goblin Cult of Kernu, Ian Bailey, pg 28. A little silly and D&D in nature.

WD #50, February 1984.
White Dwarf Personalities, many, pgs 15-17. Stats for White dwarf fictional characters.
RuneQuest Hardware, Dean Aston, pg 16. RuneRites on nifty specialty gadgets.

WD #51, March 1984.
All in the Family, OD, pgs 18-19. Griselda tale.
The Black Broo of Dyskund, Ken Rolston, pgs 21-25. Short version of Shadows otB.
RuneQuest Economics, Russell Massey, pg 34. RuneRites on training credits & treasure.

WD #52, April 1984.
Rings, Dave Morris, pg 16. RuneRites column on magic rings ala D&D type powers.

WD #53, May 1984.
Of Oak, Ash and Mistletoe, Robert Dale, pg 16. RuneRites column with the Celtic rune spells.

WD #54, June 1984.
Visiting Other Plains, Ian Marsh, pgs 14-15. A look at barbarian cultures in Prax and similar locales. A little broad based.
Down Among the Dead Men, Alex McDonald, pg 31. RuneRites column on undead.
Temple of the Doomed Prince, Phil Holmes, pgs 32-36. Barkeresque Tekumel scenario.

WD #55, July 1984.
Unquiet Grave: Revenants in RuneQuest, Phil Holmes, pgs 22-23. Revenant info.
Mystic Triptych, Oliver Johnson & Steve Foster, pg 39. RuneRites column with Night shriekers, a magic ring and Red Death.

WD #56, August 1984.
Mortal Combat, Lewis Jardine & John Boam, pg 25. RuneRites column on fatigue, experience and weapon lengths.

WD #57, September 1984.
For the Blood is the Life, Dave Morris, pg 21. RuneRites on vampyrs and living dead.
Night’s Dark Agents, Chris Elliot & Richard Edwards, pgs 22-23. Using ninja in RQ, AD&D & Bushido.

WD #58, October 1984.
Cameos, Pete Whitelaw, pg 43. RuneRites column with two short scenario ideas.

WD #59, 42 pages, November 1984.
On the Road, Anna Price, pgs 30-32. Trading caravan scenario on a daily basis.
Blood Sports, Matthew Pook & James Water-field, pg 40. RuneRites on gladiators.

WD #60, December 1984.
Bits of Fluff, Alex McCunn, pg 39. RuneRites with Furballs, Wereballs and Dragon Balls.

WD #61, January 1985.
The Spice of Life, Oliver MacDonald, pgs 6-7. Alchemy rules and overview.
Treasures, OD, Dave Morris and Angus McLellan, pg 41. RuneRites with magic items and the spell Rainbow Serpent.

WD #62, February 1985.
Struck By Lightning, Dave Morris & Robert Dale, pg 12. RuneRites column with 8 Celtic rune spells.

WD #63, March 1985.
Howzat!, Mark  Wilkinson, David Bailey & Richard Bramah, pg 39. Elmbark Trolleater elfball game with rune spells. A little odd and silly, but not without merit.

WD #64, April 1985.
Open Box, Markus L. Rowland, pgs 12-13. RQ3 boxed set review. Quite detailed.

WD #65, May 1985.
Forecasting the Runes, Dave Morris & Oliver Johnson, pg 39. RuneRites column on runes.

WD #67, July 1985.
Monster Coliseum Review, OD, pg 13.
Loam Wolves, Barry Atkinson & OD, pg 16. RuneRites on barbarian magic with the Song of Earthpower skill and RQ3 clarifications.

WD #69, September 1985.
Close Encounters, Ian Marsh, pg 18. RuneRites column on better combat skills for creatures.

WD #71, November 1985.
Not Waving But Drowning, Dave Lucas, pg 14. RuneRites creatures Fossegrims & Nereid.

WD #73, January 1986.
First This, Then That, OD, pg 11. RuneRites.

WD #74, February 1986.
The Hide of the Ancestor, Chris  Watson, pgs 34-37. An RQ2 scenario in Beast Valley involving lycanthropes and Daka Fal. Short, but it is Gloranthan and could be expanded to fit into a Sartar based campaign. It’s nice to see that he can write something Gloranthan instead of the world of Orda.

WD #75, March 1986.
RuneQuest Ruminations, OD, pg 11. Oliver shares his opinion on RQ3. Similar to some of his talks at Convulsions past.

WD #85, January 1987.
A Tale to Tell, Jon Quaife, pgs 27-42. A middle pullout Gloranthan scenario. A more detailed and altered version also appears in Shadows on the Borderland.

WD #88, May 1984.
When Mad Gods Laugh. RQ3 Scenario.

WD #90, June 1987.
The Magard Scrolls, Jon Quaife, pgs 20-21. Lhankor Mhy on Jack O’Bears, with their stats.

WD #92, August 1987.
Advanced RuneQuest, Paul Cockburn, pg 3. Short product review.
Demons, Dealing With the Otherworld, Jon Quaife, pgs 34-39, 42-47. A huge demon article covering summoning, It details several nasty and incredibly powerful demons with statistics. These demons are the ones that came to life in  set 7 of the Citadel RQ miniatures boxed sets.

WD #94, October 1987.
The Coliseum, Gladiator rules for RQ3. Just when you thought Monster Coliseum was too much, we get this.

WD #96, December 1987.
The Beast of Kozamura, A scenario for Land of Ninja.

WD #98, February 1988.
Iron Warriors, Jon Quaife, pgs 35-37. Four mysterious characters for Griffin Island. A nice little addition.

WD #99, March 1988.
Eeeyaaargh!, Tim  Walsh & Simon Lipscombe. Short article on martial arts skills.

WD #101, May 1988.
Trouble at the No. 1 Inn, Jon Quaife, pgs 17-30. A Griffin Island scenario for up to 6 characters. It includes dwarves, Gondo Holst,  Tarn the Tiger and his pirate crew.

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Hope that Helps,
Rick Meints - Chaosium, Inc.

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