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13G update: Shipping Questions


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Shipping is continuing from all three fulfilment warehouses (USA, UK and Australia). If you haven't received your shipment yet, it should still be coming! Rest assured, we will follow up at the end of the process to ensure everyone correctly receives the rewards they ordered.

Backers who ordered maps - these will be shipped to you separately. They are currently on their way to the fulfilment centres, and will be shipped next month.

If you ordered a copy of the 13th Age Core Rules - these were sent out to backers who responded two years ago (see update). If you didn't receive your copy then, we will ship your copy to you next month. This will be a separate delivery to other rewards.

Backers who ordered leatherette versions - if the fulfilment warehouse sent you a standard edition by mistake, please email customerservice@chaosium.com.

If you've received your order but it is incomplete, incorrect, or was damaged in transit - please email customerservice@chaosium.com.

If you've received your order and all is good - enjoy! 

Update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/416625372/13th-age-in-glorantha/posts/2274877

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FOR THE FINAL 5% OF 13th AGE GLORANTHA BACKERS, waiting on their shipments: we have been advised the remaining shipments to the US and Canada are going out on Wednesday this week. The UK and Australian fulfilment centers are sending out their remaining orders on or before this Friday. Please note, rolled maps will be in a separate delivery.

If you haven't received your order by September 21st, or it is incorrect or has been damaged in transit, please get in touch at customerservice@chaosium.com and we'll sort it out.

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33 minutes ago, theodric said:

Is there an ETA on when 13G will be available for general sale? I'm hoping to pick up both it and RuneQuest, and it could be more convenient to order both at once!

I think (infer really) the aim is to have it a week after the 5% berserkers (self-identifying here) get their copy as the RQG rulebook is already in the warehouses but it won't be sold until next week to avoid clashing with sales of the GM Screen Pack.  So my guess is the 28th.

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6 hours ago, jajagappa said:

I finally got my copies (as part of the final 5%) on the 22nd.  Seemed like a number of others in the US were in similar state.

Mine's still in the air (ie left Sydney on Monday and hasn't been recorded as landed over a day later).  Probably will arrive on Thursday or Friday (since for some reason Auspost sends it to Dorkland).  

Who knew ordering the Cursed Maps of Berserking could cause so much trouble?

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Everything (except rolled maps*) should have been despatched by now from our three fulfilment warehouses. Some shipments, it seems, are still on their way to far-flung places (hi New Zealand!), but those backers have been sent tracking notifications.

If you haven't received your order, or it is incorrect or has been damaged in transit, please get in touch with Dustin at customerservice@chaosium.com and we'll sort it out.

*Further update: the rolled maps have also been sent and should probably arrive in the next few days for US backers. All were sent from US, so will take a bit longer for international backers.

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Now that the mail-out to 13th Age Glorantha Kickstarter backers is complete, we'll be making 13G available for general release at Chaosium.com this week:
— Tues Oct 2nd: 13G
— Thur Oct 4th: GSB

Note: if you bought a PDF of either title from Chaosium.com, Dustin will be in touch by email soon with your coupon. This gives you the full price of the PDF off the physical book.

13G and GSB will also be available for retail distribution in October.

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