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Question regarding mountain pictographs


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You at should give the names and page numbers of the mountains.  

The first glyph is that of Stormwalk Mountain (Map 29) and the curved lines represent the horns of Storm Bull.  

The second Rune is Quivin Mountain and probably shows the rune of Quivin.  Since he is a Lodril-analog, a possible guess is a the lower half of the sky rune without the central dot to denote his conquered status at Maran Gor's hands.

The third is KeroFin and the rune is the Storm Rune denoting her association with Orlanth.

The fourth rune is Arrowmound.  They represent the Arrows of Justice that Orlanth hurls into the world (Sartar Companion p208).  That the arrows are also the staffs of justice is an association that was hitherto unclear to me.

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1 hour ago, metcalph said:

You at should give the names and page numbers of the mountains.  

All of these are taken from Sartar Players Primer p.5. They're the same in The Argan Argar Atlas 29.

Thanks for the insight on those four! Is there a central place where these are listed?

What's this one (The Argan Argar Atlas 28) in the Rockwood Mountains?

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 6.49.11 PM.png

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3 hours ago, drablak said:

I can't find a legend that explains what they represent (aside from mountains!).

There is no single legend to my knowledge for all the great mountain's unique glyphs.  Some are clearly runes, others symbols, some are just unknown.

For example, AAA p.28:

Thunder Mountain shows what I'd interpret as ram's horns.  And GtG p.342 notes "also called Ram Mountain) is one of the Great Sacred Peaks of the Orlanthi… A giant storm ram, with five curled iron horns and fleece of living lightning, lives on this peak and leaps from mountain to mountain to span the width of Genertela."

Bear Mountain is topped by Odayla's Rune.

Selon Mountain has two parallel lines (like an equal sign above it), but there is nothing to indicate what it may symbolize.

Ramor Mountain looks like it has an Infinity Rune above it.  Perhaps a dragon was there once?

On AAA p.29, Dwarf Hat has the Stasis Rune - clearly a dwarf sign

Doktados Mountain has an odd loop.  Per GtG p.251 "The Cave of Winds, home of Kolat, is hidden on its peak."  So maybe it's a Kolat sign.


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