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Advanced Combat Tracker & Cards

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Hello, just want to show off my Advanced Combat Tracker and my Cards. Since I did not order Paolo's Combat Cards (postage is killing it), I created my own (see pictures). Then I got the idea to create a Strike Rank Tracker: basically a table with 35 boxes with numbers in them. Makes counting Strike Ranks very easy and visual. I currently use dice for each combatant as I can use the dice numbers to show negative Exertion Points - and I must say combat became very visual even without miniatures.

The Strike Rank Tracker doubles as a Hit Location table, an Attack Resolution table and an Opening Move table, too. You can also find the Trigger Actions and their according Strike Rank values on it.

The Cards show basically all the possible Actions and their descriptions, this reduces time looking them up on a chart or flipping through the rule book. During playtest I found most of the time as a GM I use the same Combat Effects and once you have all the Damage Effects laying in front of you, combat speeds up a lot. Might also be me just getting used to the rules. It also offers the players to get into the rules step by step by limiting the Effects to what is currently available on the cards (as Paolo did in the introductory adventure).

Now, I think I can make the Strike Rank Tracker available, but I am not sure about the Cards as they include all of the rules. Paolo, what do you say?

Here are the pictures:



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On 1/16/2019 at 10:31 PM, pansophy said:

Now, I think I can make the Strike Rank Tracker available, but I am not sure about the Cards as they include all of the rules. Paolo, what do you say?

In theory, and I am not Paolo, the rules are covered by the OGL, so if you put the whole OGL on each card, then you should be OK. 🙂

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The map for the combat tracker is public domain  The cards would be without the fighter images 

Alternatively, maybe Paolo could make his cards available as PDFs via Drive-thru - personally I would like that better, as it adds an other official product to the game.

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And after a successful Deep Meditation1 Conflict, here is a little thread-o-mancy.

We will now make a mockup of the Combat Tracker for Dynamic D100. Some of the overlayed content will change, as I have both changed the core rules and made an even simpler version for Dynamic D100, but the core idea will stay. And we have plenty of licensed graphics for the background :)

Anyone has any suggestions for other useful elements to add in the CT? Many people will play Dynamic D100 with figures, but others will not and the CT is important to simplify the crunchy bits of the RD100 core.

1 - new name for Rituals in the upcoming International Edition.

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