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I just noticed this in the download section. Wow! It is huge. Thank you very much Sladethesniper. :) Seems like sort of an early Christmas present. I of course have not read the whole thing yet, but after a quick scan I can tell you obviously put a lot of loving work into the setting. I am looking forward to reading it. Thanks. :thumb:


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Puck, Trifletraxor;

Thank you. I appreciate that. I have gotten some feedback already on improvements, and will be incorporating them in on the next version (June-ish, depending on work).

Any feedback is welcome, and I hope you enjoy it, either as a game or just if you just pick out one or two items and use them in another game.


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Thanks, glad you like it.

As for how the magic system is used, here is how it works for me (though I do admit that since it is house ruled, it makes sense to me and the playtest group...but we have been using for about 8 years now)

A magical effect (fireball, dismiss ectoplasm, etc.) is used exactly as a skill, so a roll under it is success, while a roll above is a failure. A failure still uses up the POW cost, though.

Each magical effect has a POW cost that the PC pays to use it. I use POW instead of Magic Points to allow PC's to have access to powerful spells, but can't really abuse them.

As an example lets say a PC with Power (POW) of 13 wants to use Ego Whip. They have the skill "Ego Whip" at 66%. They are an Empath so the cost is a base of 4 and a range of 100 feet (+10 feet per additional POW) and is instantaneous. It has only verbal components, so basically it takes the form of a really bad tongue lashing with some Power backing it up...

The PC gets their action on their turn as determined by initiative and the effects are immediate.

So the target is 140 feet away, the PC spends 8 Power (100 feet costs 4, +40 feet means an additional 4 Power) and makes the roll. If they fail (rolls 67% or higher) then those 8 Power are lost...

If the roll succeeds (66% or below) the target takes 1d4 CHA damage. The victim can see if they can "save" for 1/2 damage on a willpower save (POW x 5%)...

And for a listed "power" that's it.

For a "new power" that a player makes up, it is the same idea, just with a lot more math (page 200 in Chapter 9).

I hope that helps.

I tried to go for a simple system with a feel between Elric/Call of Cthulhu but with more "variety" of effects.


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