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Runequest Magical Location: The Draugar Stone


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It is definitely an interesting place. 

As to how Gark the Calm worshippers would react to it, I suppose it really depends on how you see the cult of Gark the Calm. I see it as a bunch of mystics who have learned how to transcend death so they can continue in their mysticism even after death. They could see the Draugar Stone as something that gives a shortcut so missing the point of Gark's Mystical Path, so something that is to be pitied rather than hated. 

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God of Zombies, generally assumed to be evil or chaotic, even though it allows your dead folk to remain active and productive members of society.

"Live now, work off your debts when you're dead!"

Or the Fonritian take on it: "Mere Death isn't the  end of slavery."

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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11 hours ago, Baelor said:

OK. My ignorance is showing  . . . Gark the Calm?

God of inner peace through becoming a zombie.  http://glorantha.tumblr.com/post/98049927088/lawspeaker-teach-us-about-the-undead

As to the notion of Gark offering a mystical path, I am not so sure.  They turn you into a zombie.  All your problems are solved.

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Yeah. I think the Draugar Stone (or whoever is behind it) has a agenda. The way I envision things. the zombies are failed wights - the wights are what whatever is powering the  Draugar Stone wants to create. Are they truly free after creation? Or has the power behind the Stone simply not called them to task yet?

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Draugar Stone Part 2 - Wights of the Draugar Stone!


The wights could be anywhere of course, and not created by the Stone, for that matter. Also included an undead swarm )rats, bats, spiders, flies, and other vermin, raised as a zombie swarm by the ambient power of the Draugar Stone.

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