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Is Chaosium going to support BRP anymore?


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One thing which MIGHT (as in I have bugger all business experience and don't really know what I'm talking about) make BRP more attractive to 3rd parties is the '3.5 crash'

BRP is VERY compatible with 6 editions of Cthulhu, 3 of RuneQuest and 5 of Stormbringer (plus several one offs which really deserved to have succeeded better commercially). Chaosium have not previously, and so presumably will not in the future, changed the 'core rules' to such an extent that previous works suddenly become too much effort to use or convert (or 'obsolete' as some see them). Really and truly I can use the stat block form any previous Chaosium d100 publication and happily use it now.


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More often than not. that is reflected in the opinion of the 3rd party - in this

case Mongoose - and not the licensor - in this case Chaosium.

Witness the significant quantities of horrid d20 crap that is still churned out.

It hasn't made Hasbro/WotC look any worse. The publisher that churns out

the crap is the one who suffers.


Yeah, but with d30 there are higher quality products on the shelves so buyers can make a comparison. The fear I had with BRP was that there would be little quality stuff to compare it to.Hopefully with the limits and guidelines that Chaosium has in place, we won't get a "BRP Crash".

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