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Can we have Higher Resolution Argan Argar Atlas PDF?


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AAA PDF's resolution is pretty bad. Can you update it with Higher Resolution version?

Map legends can't be read, but I know there is a separate download for a readable one. If this is the only problem I would gladly ignore. However, many location on the actual map can't be read too. For example, in Dakori Inkarth area, the names of rivers and lakes can't be read at all.

I attached the image with this post.


Annotation 2019-03-30 063039.jpg

Annotation 2019-03-30 063216.jpg

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Sanpat Suvarnadat

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This document should be turned into a map application rather than just a print document, one where you can add and substract layers (like e.g. the political division maps in the Guide). And detail maps of locations where existing.

You would still want a print option for a selected area.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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