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Er, where did the old Nocturnal Media Pendragon forums go?

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Not that I have anything against the BRP forums, mind you, it's just that there used to be an official forum for Pendragon at http://nocturnalmediaforum.com/, which seems to have been removed!

Now, forums moving around and dying happens all the time, but there were tons of posts there which I found useful for Pendragon games. (Adventures, House Rules, Discussion Of The Timeline, ect.)

Quite frankly, it's removal, without so much as a word, is quite dishearting, coming so soon after the death of Google+'s RPG communities.

Would anyone here know of any extra info relating to the lost of the forums?

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The old forms got spammed with a bunch of porn, and Nocturnal sold Pendragon to  Chaosium shortly later.  I guess an effort is being made to cleanout the old forum and try to salvage the old  message posts and somehow migrate them to here. 

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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The Nocturnal media forums are safe and will be available soon on a separate Pendragon resource site.

For technical reasons it wasn't possible to migrate them here (or anywhere else). However I was able to archive the content. Nocturnal Media switched off their forums recently, but only once the content was saved.

Please use this forum as Pendragon's new home. Many familiar members are here already including our KAP line editor @sirlarkins.

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