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Jeffery's Critters Comments Thread


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As am I, I definitely enjoy reading it. Looking forward to a compiled A to Z PDF :-)

I'm glad to hear that. I've begun illustrating it. My son asked why all the critters seem so annoyed. He's 21, so I'm not chalking it up to innocence. They really do all look sooo upset at something.

Do we want Color or is B&W good enough?

For a look at some of the artwork, check out my elfwood gallery. I'll be doing lots of new pieces for the PDF.

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I don't mind black and white, which is a lot more printer friendly in my book.


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I have been wondering what reception the Critters Thread is receiving. If anyone has any comments, corrections or improvements, I'd love to hear them.

I would like to suggest that the addition of hit locations and strike ranks for attacks would make them more useable to those us us who use the detailed combat options, but otherwise this is very interesting work. Thanks for posting them.


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Good work. I am looking forward to seeing the art matched to the statistics. I alway find things much easier and more fun to read when there are pictures. :) I never really grew up.

I have been working on a setting that has a couple of the same critters. It is cool to see what other people have done with them. Good luck with your project.


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