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  1. Well 'Kickstart' always reminds me of the seminal BBC TV programme about motorbike trial riding. But since it's now a (multi) industry wide label I suspect that it will be here to stay. The problem with replacing 'Quickstart' is that as lumpen and unlovely as it is, it does describe the book in a way that 'Initiation' or other more RQ-like labels probably don't
  2. The Dice Gods smile on players who roll everything at once (and in this new-fangled age of two different flavours of d10 they do not even need to rack the dice up in order to avoid confusing 'to hit' and 'hit location' d20s) Back to the original question: I like players to make all of the rolls So in my game they roll weapon damage against a fixed AP And roll Armour protection against a fixed damage (To hit in the first place they get a bonus or penalty to their weapon skill depending upon the opposition, and to Block, Parry or Dodge they have a bonus or penalty according to the opponent's skill)
  3. Reading this thread made me realise that internally I just think of the new version as 'RuneQuest' without any edition or numbers attached, Maybe that' simply because everything from Chaosium has called it that and they've worn me down without me noticing?!
  4. And it started the kickstarter thing Or at any rate was the first crowdsourced project I became aware of, when I first read ToTRM with its various backer levels I thought it was a real example of optimism over pragmatism and would never fly. Look at the world now.
  5. Slightly tangential (but I hope still useful) When I wrote 'my' GenDragon rules bodge (not a subtle name change I will confess) I made gun damage pretty low* but allowed the damage to 'explode' if you rolled a 6 then treat it as a 5 and roll the die again. That seemed to allow for grazes but also the occasional instant death bullet to the vitals that I wanted *2d6 for a BP pistol, 3d6 Carbine, 4d6 Rifle which are not outstanding values vs a typical PenDragon Knight.
  6. Since we're all going to do the latter anyway, it seems sensible to allow us to do the former before printing.
  7. Money well spent I love the little extra rules that made their way into MW and it's the setting I wanted to play in with Elric! when that book first game out (over two decades ago now) But the layout of the Elric! rules (and the typography and the smaller art pieces if not some of the larger) is still the best I've ever seen in any printed RPG
  8. sactly I don't have any experience of life or death face to face fighting with real live steel weapons so struggle to evaluate what is realistic and what is not I just want rules which seem to model what is going on in a way which is not obviously bullshit and nonsense
  9. Good question With I am afraid a poor answer Both Some weeks longer sword in one hand shorter in t'other Some weeks two-handed (in both obviously!) Some weeks one-handed in one Shield and sword lead to me being hit far fewer times (Except for that one time where I kept two big bad somethings* at bay and one of the refs decreed at the end of the fight that my shield had taken so much damage that it was now bust and I had to carry the darned thing around for the rest of the day but drop it for kinetic encounters) * like I say decades ago, what exact rubber monster masks they were wearing escapes me
  10. My LARP experience was a ) long ago and b ) with rubber 'boffa' weapons rather than steel so take all of the following with a pinch of salt: When I started to use a homemade and frankly huge wooden shield (with pipe lagging to make the edges safe!) I found fights (which were far more skirmish than formal shield walls) much more survivable. Whether I was Parrying (well Blocking really since that RQ term is a bit wrong) in an RQ sense or not I am unsure. However in terms of game effect the 'reduced penalty for multiple parries' rule seems like it models my experience quite well
  11. Didn't Miyamoto (sp) Mushashi (sp) develop his Ni-To-Kenjutsu style (duel-wielding Katana and Wakizashi) in response to seeing Western (Portuguese?) fighting with Rapier and Left-hand Dagger? I'm sure that I've got an old copy of 'Tales of Japan' which refers to Saborai fencing with Sword and Dirk. i.e. using contemporary Western terms for Nipponese arms. And I'm certain that Nippon's greatest swordsman did similar: used his familiar weapons to emulate a culturally alien style. Al
  12. I like characters with defined strengths and weaknesses. Even if they've come about by munchkinism (and they may not, your player may just have had a really strong character concept). Typical Cthulhu games (almost more than any other games) include a wide range of challenges and skills. The checks and balances are built in, I would not sweat it personally.
  13. Boom! I agree fully. But also disagree slightly in that the GM can also influence their player's approach and behaviour. RPG boards and forums (in general this less than most) are full of GMs moaning that their players all load up combat skills and shooty-killy magics. But then they run adventures which are full of fight scenes. And situations where the PCs lose their primary weapon but still need to fight. If you don't want players to spend their time trying to maximise as many weapon skills as possible, don't make it a requirement of surviving the adventure and advancing the story that they are competent in lots of different weapons.
  14. It does indeed. Next step is getting people to read the bloody thing. I don't know what the con scene is like in Italy but in the UK there is an 'everybody knows' meme that Call of Cthulhu games are littered with 'make the Spot Hidden roll, fail make an Idea roll, fail, make a Luck roll, fail, miss the clue, game stalls' despite the fact that since 1st Edition the actual rule book has had very good advice on when to roll and what needs a roll Maybe game designers and publishers just need to include that advice on every line of the arms and armour chart?!