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  2. "Mmmm, roast Uroxi", says one troll to the other, "My Fave!".
  3. True enough, I loved Morrow Project and to say the graphics were, well... simple, not to mention how ugly some of RQ 3's graphics were, another system I loved.
  4. I don't think you need endless historical lists for these. As with humans, there are certain events that punctuate the longer periods and embed in their minds. Other similar events just "reinforce" but don't need elaboration. For the Mostali, just go with the individual. As they say "the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree"! Or in this case, the elf. But, I agree, the loyalty will be to the grove or the dryad, not a parent. Maybe they go by "1st Elder" for the prior generation, "2nd Elder" for two generations prior, etc.
  5. If a djinni popped out of my coffee mug and gave me 3 wishes... well, none of them would be about RPGs... but if it gave me a few dozen wishes, somewhere in there I MIGHT wish Magic World and Core BRP to get shiny new editions with world class art (tastefully arrange so as to not clutter), and full support from nu-Chaosium for decades into the future. But minus such wishes, I would rather have any available resources (fan energy and cash) diverted toward NEW content rather than reformatting old stuff for the sake of the handful of new players it might draw in. If you want pretty pictures to inspire you, the internet is full of them... I keep folders full of images, organized by theme. Loads more stuff than can be crammed into any rulebook. I really do not need any art in my rulebooks. My favorite rulebook design of all time is Classic Traveller... clean, clear... no illustrations at all (well, maybe one). Those 3 books had no trouble at all revving up my imagination and making me want to play.
  6. Love it. Sometimes all we can do is set our jaw and hang on for where the ride takes us. People have floated various extremely arcane theories about the (re)occurrence of Beast People in areas where more conventional human life vanishes or reverts to a kind of ambivalent "hsunchen" state. Since I'm in an ecological frame of mind today I like the one where these entities are a kind of therapeutic symbol the land spontaneously generates to keep humans out while it recovers, a sort of forced return to Green Age systems. For me that's a sign magic is moving in the right direction. However the fact that centaurs have not erupted in the wreckage of Jrustela makes it more likely that even if this model is valid the right totemic substrate is required. Seshna and Kerofin both remembered horse people and bull people and goat people so those forms were available there. The island at best had its bug people who may serve the same broad purpose. To test the hypothesis I would look for grand, terrible and beautiful hybrid forms emerging in the Hero Wars as civilized people with beast tribe backgrounds are pushed back to the origin to survive. Charg may well be full of minotaurs and worse. I have not made it out to Guebelle yet but suspect the King there will insist that they've always been there and that all the intervening history is the myth. If so, I can't say I blame him. While some might also have escaped from some imperial reservation or living museum similar to how the stitched people were built by the EWF for zoos, I appreciate the romance of the stitched mutants making it into the forest and meeting their perfect and beautiful cousins waiting for them for the first time. (Guebelle probably contains a nest of the "puma people" to take the place of the extinct lions, but we won't talk about that.) Another complicating factor is that there aren't a lot of true Beast People in these texts. We meet pony tribes and vrimakites but I haven't run across an actual centaur or "winged folk" yet. Likewise, bull people but no minotaurs, none of the weird hybrid forms you can summon in Nomad Gods. Greg wasn't really interested. That doesn't mean they weren't there.
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  8. I think we are running down a gag..,. and beating it to a pulp. I was going to post something similar this AM but decided to double check the thread and came to the dame conclusion g33k did. Otherwise the post made would have been a little different but keeping the above quote. Cheers
  9. Which reminds me, I've not played in Glorantha, but apparently the 'ducks' have turned people away. Emotions and engagement with fantasy, with suspended disbelief, can be fickle and fragile. Every little (detail) helps, imo. Though one can't cater for everyone's tastes. I love fantasy art, though. Good art and a good map, with a great system, is a heady combo for roleplaying.
  10. I think we got a pretty comprehensive (and official) reply from Jason, upthread. That ... kind of completes the topic? End if the line? No more tracks from which to derail the train? I think we're running down a spur.
  11. Nah, most of us aren't sick. We just make sure our Elves are nice&fresh -- and not sourced somewhere like the Poisonwood, of course!
  12. Ideally, I agree. But I also recognise the impact that art has in generating an atmosphere for a game even prior to playing it. I recall the very first time playing MERP, or Warhammer, and how the art was a touchstone for inspiring both the GM and the players. It creates an emotional impact even before the first die is rolled. I used to just stare at those images for hours daydreaming, and returned to them again and again over the years for inspiration. I think we all would agree the game is what's most important, which is why I bought it, but there's an impact based on the art and format. Particularly when other games are competing for attention and players. What one would like is the sense of anticipation when displaying the book, just like Stormbringer 5e is evocative. It's a small thing, but the devil is in the details, and atmosphere is key in so many ways. Some of those ways are the 'tools' of the game itself: its presentation and art. Developers know this, to create an immersive effect - left brain and right - though unfortunately in our case a great system and game was unfortunately lumped with a poor package. It's just unfortunate. Nothing more. But I'd certainly buy a better presented version. I don't wish to play RQ6 or such, so alas I'm stuck with the look of the game I prefer! Hmm. Maybe I'll get a leather embossed cover!
  13. ALL RIGHT, WHO GAVE ME A SAD FACE! You got some 'splaining to do, Mr Hibbs!
  14. Hrm. It isn't at all clear to me that human-style FH tables are relevant to Mostali, or even Aldryami. As a practical issue (as noted by others) the lifespan & generation-times suggest that you need a LOT more history. But far beyond that issue is a question -- do they even care? Who are the parents of a new Mostali unit, and do they inculcate anything like a "Family History," to take pride in, to learn from... to individualize from??!? I can see an Elf with loyalty and pride and identity based around a forest -- even a particular glade, or dell, or hillside, or etc -- but specific loyalty/identity based upon the tree from whose cones/acorns/whatever they were sprouted??? Ummm ... Maybe? I doubt it, though. YGMV.
  15. I guess both are technically true at once.
  16. Phwoah. I feel like a dog that has bit onto the rear bumper of a car. I am following. But barely. Where does all of this leave the Beastmen that reside in Old Seshnela post-Quake? Are they recent immigrants of the Modern Age, or were they always there? Are they animal-totemism taken to an extreme through some kind of atavism? Or do they actually originate from EWF like the ones in Kerofinela?
  17. Several good suggestions already for Ducks. Add an entry for 1602 for grandparent to be turned into zombie. Replace 1616 with 1615-17, the Duck Hunts. Options could be: Hid in Upland Marsh, fled to River of Cradles, fled to Nochet, betrayed by Sartarite clan, hunted and slain by Sartarite clan, hunted and sold into slavery by Lunar soldiers. As for the Green Elves, the new adventuring elf will be roughly 20-40 years of age, so born 1580 or after. Green elves mature at 50+ and live to ~300. So parents minimally born ~1530 but could date to ~1300. Grandparents born between ~1050-1250. Let's say these are Green Elves from Dragon Pass/Prax, so choose birth location from: 1) Forest of Wondrous Beasts; 2) Red Dragon Vale; 3) Tarndisi's Grove; 4) Redwood. Grandparent events: 1100-1120: Coming of the True Golden Horde and the Dragonkill. Many forests burned for fuel. Were they betrayed by Yelmalions? Friends killed by Yelm worshippers? Burned by Dragonfire? Secretly aided the dragonewts? Helped Yelmalions escape across the Death line? 1247: Battle with the Greylands of the trolls. Rise of the Red Moon. 1300-1320: Coming of the Colymar and other tribes. Make successful pact with Colymar? Betrayed by other Sartarite tribes? etc.
  18. This thread had the weirdest derailment I think I've ever seen.
  19. I can't say that I know anyone (except maybe collectors) who chooses what games games to play based on how they look or what they're called. Visuals might be a factor in getting you to take an initial interest... but... well, there's a reason I'm not interested in any of those PBTA games, regardless of the pretty pictures in them. RPGs seem largely marketed by word of mouth, it's not like they're present on store shelves much these days. So go talk up the games you like, let everyone know why it's great fun to play. Maybe there is some guy out there who says, "You know, that game sounds great and you're a good GM... but the rulebook is just too ugly, and the name is weird... so I'm gonna go play with a different group." Happily, I haven't met him.
  20. One of the interesting things about the familial history is the degree to which parellelisms of longer historical, legendary and/or mythic relationships play out in your recent kin's history. The basic Sartarite history works out quite well for ducks. And while the events of 1613 and after lack specific nuances relative to the Duck Hunts, you can model the basics fairly well within the standard choices (outlawed, buggered off to Pavis to become petty bandits, etc.). The main absence is to do with their relationships to Delecti and the Upland Marsh. The best place to add that might be 1602, when Delecti helped out the Lunar conquest of Sartar with an army of his undead. Many ducks were turned into zombies in that war and it's an excellent place to add some passions and the like.
  21. Maybe the thing to do is to use the starting value for Sword, Axe, or Mace, and allow players to use that for all those skills at the beginning of the game (as a sort of default level); but as their characters gain experience using each weapon individually, they will improve separately.
  22. I absolutely love this. And I may inflict this upon some poor PCs in the very near future. If you were interested in creating a circumstance in which the PCs get captured or completely robbed (or everything except for their loincloths), but without using a combat-style encounter, just use a bunch of mana flies. The adventurers get knocked out, only to come to once everything's been stolen or they're disarmed and in the middle of being tied up. Wacky hijinx ensue....
  23. The Crimson Bat isn't dead it's only resting
  24. The longer-lived elves have the problem that a generation covers a century of history happening rather than twenty-odd years. True, a vast number of human-only historical events don't apply to them. Another problem might be that inter-forest cooperation may not be very common. Yes, there was the Moonburn of Rist, and the affected elves who fled to Dorastor became the Hellwood Elves, but take e.g. the neighboring Poisonthorns and what did that event mean for their ancestors? So you would have to come up with a timeline for your elf's home forest. Where would that green elf have its roots? The Dagori Inkarth Redwood, some copse in Dragon Pass, some backwater slope of the Mislari in Arstola (which is otherwise pure brown elf), or someplace insignificant in Balazar/the Elder Wilds? Ducks have a quite obscure history, so you would have to make up things local, or create an adventurer ancestor Forrest Gump.
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