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  2. Found one: http://kapresources.wpengine.com/Pendragon Forum Archive/index.php/t-3141.html An older one here: http://kapresources.wpengine.com/Pendragon Forum Archive/index.php/t-411.html Oddly, while it has the correct name, it doesn't match what I was quoting in the newer thread, so I wonder if I was referring to another thread that I have been unable to find. Perhaps one of the Errata threads on 5.1?
  3. Oh. So this was actually the point you wanted to make from the outset. You should've led with that and spared the trouble of inviting responses. !i!
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  5. My point (and the question when it was posed in our group) was SPECIFICALLY in regards kinship ties. And you addressed my point - upon initiating those ties would be severed (or would they just be massively reduced for initiates, and cut completely for RLs?), but nothing in my question was about forbidding them gaining them later in other contexts. Just saying that is a pretty big omission in the cult writeup - "by the way, if you choose this cult, you can disregard all those ties to anything not the cult in pre-gen".
  6. Really? I'm all tee'd up for that sort of thing when it comes to dealing with the divine... Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind: "Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge? Gird up your loins like a man, I will question you,and you shall declare to me. "Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding. Who determined the measurements -- surely you know! Or who stretched the line upon it?" ...etc., etc., as the Lord God goes on ad nauseum to say unto Job, "Who are you? You don't know my story!" I should think that in Glorantha, like in the original Testament, where the gods have more regular and consequential interaction with the earthly plane, they'll have more opportunity for individual responses to declarations and exhibitions of faith. Sure, you may be doing everything everything you're supposed to be doing, but now that you have my attention, are you doing it well enough? As a lowly worshipper with a lot on the line and variety of gods to cleave to, it might behoove one to shop around for an amenable source of magic. !i!
  7. Last time I checked, for most people Loyalty(employer) wasn't a necessity to get a paycheck. Just do the job. I don't see the passions such as loyalty appropriate to be applied in the context of such ephemeral stuff as short/medium term employment. Sure, eventually. But that's sort of the difference between "job" and "career" ain't it? Or are you really giving players the ability to popup a new loyalty/passion that easily?
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  9. Actually the penalty for not worshipping well or having enough faith seems to be the loss of ones home, family, clan tribe, nation or life, judging by the denominational differences and lack of faith evidenced in the past disputes and anticipated by the hero wars on the lozenge. Thems that refuse to live by the traditions of their peoples (even Orlanthi’s have a tradition: change) might well cause the downfall of their world spiritually or physically. Cheers
  10. I mean sure, you need to emulate your god for maximum access to magic and such, but the punishment for doing a bad job of it is bad access to magic, and that doesn’t even require any active action on behalf of the deity. And they require you to behave properly, but... there are very few gods in Glorantha I could imagine going “you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, but I can tell you’re having insufficient faith anyway, so sorry!” That seems an extremely Lutheran position.
  11. It may depend upon the eminence of the servant and of the degree of the fall from faith and/or grace. The higher the profile and the greater the fall, the more notice it will gain and the more severe the response. Orlanth has been known to be awfully petty on occasion. !i!
  12. That very much sounds like a Hellenic ideal, The uncaring gods that simply with to be left alone to watch the boob tube (humanity) at work and play. Get their worship and a little dinner with entertainment all while keeping an eye on the trickster to make sure he doesn’t fuck with the order and Bob’s your uncle. Seeing as the worship and the cults pf Glorantha seem to be of a more asiatic bent, and seeing as the best one can be is by acting like one's gods including repeating their acts in god time a few times a year and become like them by ritual and magic castings you know the mortals have much more invested than that or their greek counterparts. I think there might be a little more invested by the gods as well. No proof, but wow that would be even more cynical than the greek gods to expect all that but really not care one way or the other so long as you get paid.. Cheers
  13. Yes. THe problem is if you give a PK a half dozen knights he will try to use them somehow. Yeah I think he said they should be dropped from the character sheet somewhere. I think the idea was that there were supposed more a matter of connections and influence. It shows how many knights a PK has looking out for him, and whom he should be looking out for.
  14. The circus is coming to town! Football elephants, boxing kangaroos and the funniest clown in the world - what else could anyone need?
  15. I happily accept works based on M-SPACE. As Loz says, we’ll work out the licensing together.
  16. That’s super weird. Hardly any Gloranthan gods care about your faith. If you make your sacrifices, do your worship, and adhere to cult restrictions, what else could they want from you? The idea of Orlanth smiting you with a thunderbolt because of insufficiently strong faith in him is preposterous!
  17. Found this from Divination chapter: "A deity cannot invade anyone’s mind; though it knows when a worshiper has lost faith." So if a worshipper has stopped worshipping for some reason, the gods may not send their goons if they deem that the worshipper hasn't lost their faith.
  18. ... and check those crazy sticks the drummer is using!
  19. Although, that could make a great oneway Bob Newhart skit... "Uh hello... um, yes... great Krasht, yeah, Bob here... So... How are the kids?"
  20. That sounds like a good way to handle it. Another would be to give Humaktis Loyalty (Employer).
  21. Keep in mind that Malory accidentally resurrected quite a few people... But _at some point_ they must have all been RTKs.
  22. I had to blink a couple of times before I stopped seeing GWAR. !i!
  23. I'm pretty sure this issue regarding Humakti has been addressed elsewhere recently. Upon initiating, one's existing ties are severed, but out of necessity they may form new ties, including to former hearth, home, and clan. They'll be different ties, though, approached via the new Humakti perspective. So you're right that Loyalties and Passions will all relate to Humakt, either directly or indirectly, but Humakt still has a vested interest in one's daily life. !i!
  24. A Humakti wishing to eat regularly will have to enter a relationship relying on his loyalty with his employer which may be a regiment leader taking a mercernary contract, or it could be a noble engaging him as a bodyguard and companion.
  25. Spell Intensity, does it do anything besides adjust the amount of damage a spell does? I've gone from the little BRP Classic Fantasy supplement to the RQ6/Mythras Classic Fantasy version. I remember somewhere that increasing spell intensity/level allowed for changing several different effects: larger AoE, longer range, more damage, etc. I would have blown the entire question off and left it as just a way to pump damage only since I cannot find any cross reference or source skimming through both books, except I find this under Magic Missile: An apparently clear reference to extending range through use of increased Intensity... ???
  26. True. I would think that Krasht would not care if you were so sick you couldn’t get out of bed for an evil mass.
  27. Good question came up among my group the other day: shouldn't Swords of Humakt pretty much delete all their Loyalty() and Passion() for anything that's not Humakt-related? Particularly Loyalty(Clan) or Passion(Family, etc)? Not sure how this would impact initiates, but certainly if they want to be good Humakti, they certainly shouldn't be using those things. Cult writeup in RQG doesn't mention it, but lorewise it's pretty clear that Humakti connections to hearth, home, and clan are cut. They're ritually dead to their kin and clan ties are severed.
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