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  1. The Jonstown content is persuasive. Having a rulebook for players might be useful for the one (of seven) who has not already bought the 400 page tome, and I have to admit it does now look possible that face to face gaming will come back in the next few months. They are not beginner players though and are unlikely to be interested in a solo scenario.
  2. It does look lovely but as an established GM I am not sure I will bother. Books 1-3 would see little use. Book 4 might be more useful but our game has us about a year on from the standard 1625 start and these scenarios may be a little too basic (or in the past) for us. The pre-gens would see little use and I have more than enough dice. BTW - adding dice means in the UK, as I understand it, that the box will attract 20% VAT that books do not.
  3. When I ran it, the Orlanthi new Thane of Apple Lane hit Deseros with a 3D6 lightning bolt and things went from there. They ransomed the Orlevings back and made some long-term enemies.
  4. The Apple Lane Orchards map is nice but just does not match the village map or the smaller scale map of Colymar Lands in the GM pack. I am slowly making a replacement in Campaign Cartographer so that the Thane knows what he holds. I am a bit anal with maps though.
  5. Well because of that looks like we're going to Snakepipe Hollow to satisfy one of the players before too long.
  6. If a puppy is included then my daughter, who is not a gamer, will be a starter set. However, she'd prefer a kitten.
  7. I am wondering how much value it will have to an already started campaign with established characters - hopefully enough.
  8. A practical solution for RQ would be a great advance - presumably Chaosium will announce each as it becomes available. Hoorah.
  9. Great, thanks Soltakss, I like your suggestion.
  10. The Rune for Dismiss Elemental description says the relevant rune "varies on elemental being summoned". That rather misses the point - the elemental is present already, but I guess that's just a proof-reading error. Superficially it makes sense to use the same rune for dismissal, but that makes it quite difficult for an "opposed" cult member to dismiss an elemental. For Example, Seven Mothers offers "Dismiss Darkness/Earth/Fire/ Water Elemental (small only)" but the cult runes are Death, Moon and Fertility, so an Initiate is unlikely to have a particularly high rating in any Elemental Rune other than Moon. The Dismiss Elemental Rune Spell is therefore likely to be ineffectual. Is that intentional? Would it be reasonable to provide some bonus for Dismissal in such circumstances? Is choosing this as a cult Rune Spell just a bad choice?
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