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  1. My Alinx will kill himself with that name because the implications !!! you know he is not a lover of Shepelkirt at all.
  2. I am inclined to use the Esrolian lobotomy approach.
  3. There is only way to answer this. THANKS... Let's hope tomorrow is a better/brighter day.
  4. or erase from history the lies and misgivings (wink)
  5. go for chapters 24 and particularly 25... QUITE INTERESTING !!!
  6. depending on where you are in Britain... you may have a dialect closer to the language of the barbarian... hence the "I understand" part.
  7. Agreed 100% also: The master teaser: @Jeff for his superlative work teasing everyone with maps in Facebook... For me the other supplements/adventures and general items that made 2020 more bearable are: Merry Green Valley. Valley of Plenty. Six Seasons in Sartar. And the superb works of Martin Helsdon.
  8. Unless they are followers of Eurmal playing the "Humakti" card...
  9. The interesting part would be the players hunted down by a group of enraged Mostali hell bent to recover the body and clean the affront to that Mostali Clan/family.
  10. Based on the map of "The Lands of Dragon Pass" (2003) the distance between Apple Lane and Swan is about 4 miles. Jeff Richards posted in Facebook a Southern and Northern Sartar map that I composed to the detail below for your reference. I think the distance of 32km from Apple Lane and Jonstown is about right... YET... Runegate and Clearwine are closer and may be easier places to find a blacksmith. I have also to say that I haven't seen anywhere the "Sword Vale" in any of my references or maps. Hope this morsel of the new map of Sartar helps. (by the way... I hope the Sartar book
  11. the absolute strongest Kumis that can be found in Glorantha comes from the Lord Ethilrist Black Horses. IF you dare to milk them and survive you will get a rich and potent alcoholic milk with no need of fermentation.
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