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  1. @Nick Brooke in terms of a bestseller (silver, gold, etc...), what is the equivalent to reaching the needed 250+ (I may need to threaten friends, colleagues, and family to the galleys to buy the book... so it can get to print status sooner)
  2. Oh my... you are mistaken again... is the matter of the table not able to speak German... maybe is from Sweden... or some place in Central America. Have you tried morse on the table... maybe you can find a way to communicate with your table... !!!
  3. ATTENTION SPOILERS !!! Ask the fish in the Applefest !!! One of the most interesting characters that I wish encounter...
  4. I got it about 3 hours after was released !!! INCREDIBLE... read 1/3 already... i just spoke with my GM and we are going to (likely) GM the campaign between him and I.
  5. Yes... and is a great propaganda piece... so much that I would love to have it in my home...
  6. Now I know where I am going when I die...
  7. and the clan Chieftain answers back... Look... we can make you a better offer... we will give you this 20 cows, 50 sheep and this two iron swords but you keep it... No ?... Ok... ok... we can add 20 pigs.
  8. It was great to see you around !!! And the big news for the day... US $ 29.00 for the Starter Set with a teaser of the Sartar map and a "OH MY GOD !!!" art.
  9. To tell you the truth... Chaosium should prioritize ALL THE DAMMED BOOKS (even those that we have never considered such as Marine Life of Glorantha, The Empire of Wyrm Friends, etc...) and release them at once in the next 72 hours or we collectively will whine and complaint about Chaosium priorities until the universe ends... What people don't realize is that predicting what is the priority of Chaosium is a HeroQuest by his own merit.
  10. I think Chaosium is taking large format to an entire new level !!!
  11. IF you want to play in Glorantha you must accept the geas of "waiting for that book for ever"
  12. A gazillion more accurate than inches and pounds as a system to measure.
  13. Question: are we taking about initiation without organized support or supervision... OR acceptance in the deities religious organization. if it is the first I think there is no reason why a young guy can accidentally find a path to please a god and convince the deity to grant him powers. Called hazia trip, meditation, close to dead experience, etc... but I am sure the possibilities are there... how much power will be granted is hard to tell... and will depends on the relation of the person to the given deity. For the latter... I think it have to be incredibly difficult to provide evi
  14. Psss... Next time just blame it to the accent... The trick work for the Durulz and me every time...
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