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  1. That is actually the real β€œinitiation” of both Arkat and Argrath.
  2. isn't those words ring true to the party halls of the Storm Bulls too ?
  3. She probably performed a cesarean (c section) from the inside.
  4. Martin. Excellent work... this is one of my favorite Myths. Correction: Drive off the Mostali and Jolanti until High King Elf arrives – 2 measure of the Fyrd die (20%)
  5. Not related to the children's song... " the Arkats in the bus goes round and round... round and round... round and round..." i hope.
  6. maybe... and it is a big maybe... some players like the idea of characters with family and sparing the NPC wife of the loss of a children... a complicated pregnancy... the possibility of death during labor... etc... I realize is not the most common cup of tea for players but I am guessing (again) this was thought on putting some level of realism and community to the spells. Bottom line... don't like it... don't use it or make it so easy/cheap to use that become irrelevant... YGWV
  7. Wouldn't Arkat meeting Arkat in the same space continuum will create a tear in reality preventing Arkat to come back for Arkat? (This sounds like a mind twister planned by some illuminated Crimson Bat lover)
  8. When the last step of character creation takes place (Step 7). Should those points be allocated after initiation or later in the campaign?
  9. Maybe the history is wrong... maybe is the Conquering Eel who defeated that "daughter" I am now starting to think that the crater in the middle of Glamour is just a mat of eels with mental powers.
  10. Jar of seeds... I can believe that. I wonder if there is an obscure lunar warrior called JarJar-Eel
  11. as stated before... she is basically 3 ducks one on top of the other inside of a loose armor... I just wonder what is the fixation of the lunars with eels... eels aparently are important for the empire since a lot of the personalities are eels... a little fishy if you ask me...
  12. And are 3 ducks one on top of the other
  13. a good idea in principle... but I know people of small stature (size) that had a threatening presence and some other large guys that are close to Hello Kitty and even with the large size it would be comical to see them trying to threat someone. I like this very much... it involves the "divine inspiration" of the deity.
  14. Not Gravity as we understand it... is the heavens pushing everyone down, you know... keeping everyone in its place.
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