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  1. I have a player already putting a marker down for the duck... 🦆 🗡
  2. This ... looks ... amazing!! I'm excited about this as much as I am about the new One Ring. Which is to say very excited.
  3. I’ll second a keen interest in this....
  4. I have a bunch of the HeroQuest stuff - but for some reason not the Primer you mention. It looks pretty good. I shall take a look. But in the end it may just be quicker to write it myself. It would be great if there was something like this for RQG - cough - cough - looking at you @Jason Durall, @Jeff, @MOB I'm hoping there would be something like this in the Starter Set. Talking of which how's that going?
  5. Yes please!!! Anything to smooth over the crunch...
  6. Hi folks - before I go ahead and write this, I thought I should just check has anyone produced a one page summary of the history of Dragon Pass covering the events pertinent to character creation? I have hunted about in the tomes that I possess. The main rulebook has bits scattered around in the sections on Gloranthan history, the Family History rules and the Homelands chapter. The GM Pack has some more Colymar specific info and the Glorantha Sourcebook has many, many pages of information. But I can't find a handy summary to plop on the table so that when players (with no previous Gloranthan e
  7. My current plan is to put it on the back burner and await the forthcoming Lawsian Pavis book before I try for a second time.
  8. So, returning to my original post, the group met up and discussed our options. Bottom line - no one wanted to make the investment of time to involve themselves in the Gloranthan setting. The rule set was also seen as overly complex and simulationist for our play style. Runequest was rejected. Instead we are first having a gonzo break and I will run a spot of 5e DnD partly for my son who wants to have a go at the system. Then back to the very excellent One Ring for a more extended campaign. I’m a little disappointed I will be honest as I was willing to give it a go and I tried selli
  9. Yes - now we are back on topic! That is very useful to hear. We shall see how things go in a few weeks time when I have a chance to pitch a few different games at them.
  10. We may have drifted a little off topic... 😉
  11. All good stuff - thank you folks. The bottom line is really that I am a lazy GM and can't be bothered (or maybe generously I'm too busy) to work up plots and story lines. Hence, I appreciate ready made scenarios linked into a bigger campaign. And having an idea of a campaign in advance really helps the players who perversely don't like one shots - the idea of running a taster session with pre-gens followed by a longer campaign was rejected. The thing is, like many groups I suspect, we meet irregularly, maybe a total of 4 weekends a year and get two days of play (maybe 7 hours a day) each time
  12. It’s all good stuff but... Honestly? We are now very far off topic from my perspective. While undeniably interesting to fans, a discussion of the relative merits of this or that historical culture and if RQ is Bronze or Iron Age is not going to help my players. I have one story teller player (to use Robin Laws nomenclature) and she is the one I need buy in from. Once she is on board the rest will follow her lead. The issue is that the depth of background is getting in the way of explaining what the characters will be doing - which is after-all what they want to know in order to make an in
  13. I suspected it was a "meme" that had been going around @Crel but there is no way I can keep up with a 14 year old on memes! Well OK - there is no way I can be bothered to keep up. Clearly I could spend as much time as he does looking at them but I have no desire to do so. As for the Heler cloud sheep @jajagappa - that is pure genius and also pure Glorantha. Making it mythic and a stolen ability for Eurmal gives it a real spin and takes it beyond just another woo power from the big book of spells. I will need to get myself into this sort of mind set when / if I ever get this RQG game off the gr
  14. I hear what you say @EpicureanDM and @lordabdul about the laundry list of names and places. I think one of the issues I have, and suspect it would be an issue for any new-comer to the game is the tendency of Gloranthan material to be written in character. Consequently the text makes the assumption that the reader is also in character and thus has a pile of background knowledge on the setting - hence the laundry list. It's great for Glorantha-philes who can then see all the subtle nuances being brought out. It is also a good way to highlight the way there is no absolute morality in Glorantha an
  15. My son (14) announced that he wanted to play a duck character with the Ultimate Power of Shaggy and the ability to make a herd of sheep appear to confuse his foes. On further questioning the power of Shaggy (from Scooby Doo) would appear to be luck based. Possibly I can convince him to play an aged duck grandmother worshipping Asrelia (and assuming I can work up a cult description for Asrelia), but it is neither very adventurer worthy nor does it sort out the sheep issue. Instead I am leaning towards Eurmal and allow him to describe any magic he does as fortunate happenstance. The sheep
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