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  1. I've played quite a bit of CoC, oWod and some Dead Reign and Nightbane from Palladium Books. All four systems require the storyteller/gm to have a developed plot and be able to tell a story (obviously from CoC). OWod more than the Palladium games and CoC more than any of them, but I still try and focus more on story due to my gm'ing experience.
  2. All good advice. I read CoC first and then got BRP afterwards and found CoC not as developed as BRP. Sure the rules work for what CoC is, and I'm not bashing it, I just found BRP to be a step ahead for more experienced gamers. Hence why I was wondering what other people have done if they used a horror setting with BRP. The GM's ability to story tell is important in any horror game, as I've done it many times, just not with BRP. I'd like to try it sometime with BRP if I can get people in my area away from D&D and Pathfinder.
  3. Now, I know there is Call of Cthulhu, but has anyone run a more generic horror game using BRP? Any suggestions out there?
  4. 2 and 1. Even if Chaosium covered them I'm sure a Renaissance supplement would be different enough to make them unique.
  5. Hate to say it, but the guys at Chaosium aren't the best at returning emails. I have a CoC license with them and it took me weeks of calling once a week to get the license. I originally was emailing them every couple of weeks but never got a response from them. With Chaosium, if you want a follow up on something, it's best to call. Don't get me wrong, they're great guys to work with, but if you want results, you need to follow up with them with a phone call. That's just my experience anyway. Maybe others have had better luck. From what I've seen and heard though, most don't.
  6. I'd try calling them first and see if they've looked at it. From where you are that might be a bit inconvenient, but it'd be the easiest way to get an answer.
  7. auyl

    Mythos Debate

    Personally I've always chosen to believe that there are more than one version of the elder sign, encompassing many different types of forms and shapes. This may not be congruent with Lovecraft and CoC, but it's something I've chosen to use in my own games.
  8. First review is up for Inhabitants of the Woods: Elves. 4/5 stars and lots of overview information for you to read up on. Overall a good review, worth checking out if you need help in deciding!
  9. Solace Games has just released Inhabitants of the Woods: Elves for sale on DTRPG. Inside you will find: New races of elves New equipment New common magic spells New cults and factions Along with a ton of background information to fit the material into any campaign. You can find it here.
  10. To each their own. If you want to convert FR to Legend/RQ then that's your choice. I personally prefer to keep the worlds separate. The work done so far is impressive however. I'll admit that much.
  11. Sixtystone Press has also released a PDF call Investigator Weapons. vol 1 that deal with 1920's era weapons.
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