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  1. Agreed, this is all good news. Hopefully I can get the Solace Games product out for RQ6 in a reasonable time.
  2. Personally I don't mind Arcania. That being said I think Arcana sounds better as a title, but Arcania is different and so I don't mind it.
  3. You could potentially use the novel as a template to make a mythos adventure though. With Peretti's Christian motif, it ultimately is the triumph of good over evil, to make it more mythos you'd have to rewrite the overall plot of the inevitability of evil. Then instead of a dragon and the townsfolk, it could be the corruption of a local cult that runs the town has drawn some mythos (old or original) to the town. There's nothing in the mythos that I know of that would support people doing evil to create a creature like in The Oath, but you could have the corruption drawn some powerful mythos being to the area that the people will essential worship or think of some benefactor when instead it wants to destroy the town. Just an idea however.
  4. Another game that does metamorphing dragons is the Palladium system. Not a great system I know, but if you're looking for examples, trying looking there. In that system, dragons can change into almost any shape for an average of 2-4 hours per level of experience. Of course BRP doesn't use levels or classes so you can adjust it that way and change the any form part into just human. You'll have to houserule the ability as it is so here's another option to consider if you want to widen your scope.
  5. I've read this book and although I can agree with your observations about the similarities between the towns I don't think The Oath has enough elements of cosmic horror in the same vein as Lovecraft to really make it lovecraftian. I'm sure someone could extrapolate something out of it to convert to a CoC campaign but I don't see the novel as is being a true CoC story. Don't get me wrong, loved the novel, but as for have enough cosmic elements of Lovecraft, I'd have to disagree.
  6. This would be interesting for sure. I would think you'd have to house-rule a spell or natural ability that allows dragons to do so. Maybe make a specific kind of dragon that is capable of such transformations while others are not.
  7. I can relate with you here. I got the PDF from DTRPG and didn't feel the monsters in it were topnotch. I kinda feel that they would go over better if they were introduced via an adventure.
  8. I'd have to agree with this. Giving wolves their full DB on bite attacks would be prudent since their bites naturally are so deadly. Not that a horses can't be harmful, but a wolf is more trained to hunt/kill with their bites than a horse is.
  9. I'm not disagreeing with you. The great thing about a ruleset such as Legend is that it invites people to add to it. If you want to add a Literacy skill, you're more than welcome to.
  10. I don't see a problem with adding it. The advanced skill "Language" does cover both however at the call of the game master.
  11. Hey folks, My latest Legend product is now available here! In it you will find four types of wights, ten new heroic abilities, fifteen new spells, a wight god and five new magic items. Hope you enjoy!
  12. That's right everyone, the awaited Inhabitants of the Dark: Savage Drow is now available. Get it as a PDF or as a Softcover print. Hardcover is coming, there was just a mix up with the covers, so once that get figured out the hardcover will go up for sale as well. You can find it here!
  13. I just looked through my Malleus Monstrorum and there's about a full page of information about the K'n-yan including origins, history and info on their telepathic, dematerialization abilities and disintegration weapons. I recommend the Monstrorum just on a general basis because of all the monster and god options it gives you.
  14. Solace Games next offering to the Call of Cthulhu line is now available on DTRPG! This latest title, Mythos Case Files: Fungi Mine, is set in the modern day and pits investigators up against the Mi-go who have been sighted by alien enthusiasts in the Vermont mountains. Investigators need to track down two missing people and figure out how to get the enthusiasts away from the Mi-go before something terrible happens. Check it out here!
  15. Hey all, Solace Game's first Legend product Inhabitants of the Woods: Elves is now available as a print on demand product on Drivethrurpg! Get your copy here! On this same note, I'll be demoing this product at Hammercon Nov 2 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada if anyone is in the area and wants to check it out!
  16. Other than the secret society aspect, is there any other Mythos connections? Are any of the races of the Mythos present on the planet? Do any of the Elder Gods or Great Old Ones have a presence or influence here?
  17. hmm, I'm not really getting the mythos connection here. Sure it's a neat and well thought out idea, but I'm just not making the connections to the reality set forth by HPL. Some more info that way would really help.
  18. Definitely interesting. Another point to consider is what kind of demographics are there? Is it just society members that are in need of support from the other side? Or are there workers who being lower members of the society rung are there to do grunt work? Once this gets fully fleshed out it definitely will be very interesting and tempting to use in a campaign.
  19. So I originally released this product as a Pathfinder product, but figured why not release it for Legend as well. Legend fans will probably be just as eager to encounter the new types of undead in here along with all the new special abilities zombies can be given. Here's the product description on DTRPG: Want to bring the fear of zombies back to your gamers? Undead Evolution Series allows you to do just that with new rules to level up zombies. Additionally are sections covering: Dozens of New Zombie Special Abilities Four New Zombies Four New Spells Bring the fear of the undead back to your games with this valuable resource to any Legend game! The PDF is on sale now here!
  20. That's right, Inhabitants of the Woods: Elves is now available for convenience on the Kindle. It's the same price as the PDF so you'll be getting the same great information for the exact same price. Check it out here!
  21. This has been said multiple times in multiple threads ... Chaosium is horrible for responding to emails. If you're not willing to call the office, it may take a very long time, if ever, to get a response. I've tried multiple times to email them over the last few years and only got a response once. So if you're not willing to call them, you may not get your questions answered. But they are still open.
  22. I'm trying to find players for an online BRP or CoC game on Google Hangout. I have some players interested in both but I'm only going to run the one that shows the most interest. I've posted the BRP game in the appropriate forum and will post the CoC one here. It will be Monday nights at 7pm EST. If anyone is interested, let me know!
  23. I thought about using roll20, but I have no map making abilities and don't know where I could acquire maps for free that would suit what I need for a unique BRP setting. Not that I'm not open to it, just don't know how it will work if I can't get the materials I will need. And yes it is compatible with google hangout.
  24. Hey again all, So wasn't sure where to post this, but after some consideration I'm going to either run a CoC game or a Horror BRP game, depending on which gets the most interest. It will be on Google Hangout on Mondays at 7 pm EST. Some rules and features that will be used in the BRP game: magic, sorcery, psionics, mutations, modern equipment (with maybe a touch of future stuff), fantasy races All in all look at it as a dark fantasy/horror setting where most anything can go. The typical evil empire has waged war and minions of the all kinds of horrors are unleashed on the world. The evil empire, Chaldea, went to war after the various gods were cast out of their domains. Kind of where I was going, if you're interested let me know and we can get more details hammered out.
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