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    Have been playing RPGs in some form or another (tabletop, MUSH, chat, LARP) since 1980. Played Call of Cthulhu (off and on) since the blue box edition.
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    Running Call of Cthulhu (4th ed, I think) and starting a BRP campaign with a lot of "Magic World" thrown in. Also playing in a Mage the Awakening game.
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  1. I'm currently playing in a Mage: The Awakening game which is going quite well. The amount of games I'd like to play or run is fairly extensive. My usual group has poked at various permutations of the FATE system including The Dresden Files and Bulldogs!, which I will use as a template for a Firefly/Serenity game... eventually. I've also got malformed ideas for an Infinite Power game and a Witchcraft game, but Nyarlathotep knows when I'll get the time to run those. I'd love to run a session or two of Paranoia again just for the sheer daffiness of the setting -- and as a palate cleanser for my (rather literally) fatalist CoC game. Things I Will Do When I Win the Lottery #812 - 817....
  2. I don't have the books in front of me, but at a guess I'd say that the Damage Bonus reflects the amount of Force you can apply in the classical sense: F = (m * a) sorta-kinda translating to DB ≈ (SIZ & STR). Basically, the stronger you are the faster you can push something into something else. When you bite down you don't get as much acceleration compared to swinging a mace and so the damage bonus gets halved. The straight-up damage, however, should reflect the typical force of the bite on your typical wolf (or baboon or manatee or whatever). A much stronger-than-average baboon is able to leverage that strength into a powerful backhand but it doesn't affect the force of a bite as much -- but it's still a nasty bite.
  3. Thank you very much, Trifletraxor! I think Skunkape's recently re-uploaded that 2nd file so that link probably should be defunct. All is well.
  4. Having the "cannot find file specified" error when trying to download the following files: http://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/157-savage-brp/ http://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/402-pulp-edges-for-legend/
  5. EDIT: Never mind; looks like the distinctions between the two editions aren't as large as I thought.
  6. Excellent! I've started using your Monster Manual conversion in my fantasy game. I'm looking forward to this one!
  7. Hm. Chrome is telling me "NPC-Creator Win.zip is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it." Any idea what might be annoying Chrome here? EDIT - Besides that little hiccup I've been playing around with the tool (brought to me by the magic of Firefox) and it's a great asset. I'm sure I'll be using it quite a bit.
  8. Given my talents I figure my creature will smash down the door and stagger off into the night, groaning and cursing its creator... The main problem I faced was trying to have distinct flavors of supernatural magic: Wizardry and Divinity. I wound up using the "Magic" rules for Wizardry and the "Sorcery" rules for Divinity, using The Magic Book and a fifth of gin to concoct house rules around them -- mostly about gaining new spells/prayers and limits about how many effects you can have in storage or at your fingertips. I'm sure there are balance issues somewhere, but right now this is intended to be the "kick-in-door, kill-critter, get-phat-lewt" game to balance out my plot-and-angst-heavy Cthulhu game so I'm willing to just schlep along.
  9. Palladium's "The Compendium of Weapons, Armour & Castles" may be useful. http://www.amazon.com/The-Compendium-Weapons-Armour-Castles/dp/091621138X
  10. I've posted a few times now, so I figured perhaps it was high time I said "howdy." So... howdy! I've been playing RPGs for A Long Time, running the gamut of games from the blue box Call of Cthulhu to TOON. Unfortunately my experience with Chaosium games has been limited to CoC and the occasional foray into Stormbringer. (I've been running a Lovecraftian game using EABA for a while but finally switched to CoC because of the Sanity rules and the experience/advancement system.) I'm putting together a high-fantasy game to run as a palate cleanser between CoC sessions, tossing intricate narratives and angst out the window in favor of Grimtooth-style traps and dungeon crawls. Because I'm an idiot I'm cobbling together the BGB, Magic World, the Magic Book, Hârn, Blade's Citybook series, AD&D's Lankhmar, and this thing that I found on the sidewalk that's warm to the touch and makes a slight whirring sound when exposed to light. So: how're you?
  11. Very nice! We'll definitely use this for my upcoming campaign. Thanks for putting this together.
  12. Agreed. Clearly the solution is to declare that the only weapons to survive the zombie apocalypse were grapefruit spoons. Problem: solved.
  13. I keep tripping up on the plurals: "If the long-weapon-user wishes, s/he can keep one or more short weapon-users at bay. This means that in place of an attack, the long-weapon-user can attempt a normal weapon skill roll to prevent the short-weapon-user(s) from closing {...} This roll must be made each combat round, and if successful, the short weapon-user or users do not take any damage, but cannot close during that combat round." If the author means "...can attempt a normal weapon skill roll to prevent a short-weapon user from closing", must split skill to target more than one, etc. then I suggest a bit of editing. Offhand I think my reading seems pretty reasonable. You still make a skill roll and each of your foes has a chance to Dodge or Parry to get past the pointy end of your stick. Once one or more short-weapon-users manage to Close you have to get them to back away before you can try and keep them at bay again. When your foes don't Dodge or Parry, though, it gets a little weird.
  14. Quoting the info from the BGB, page 219 (emphasis mine): Sounds to me like like you can fend off as many as you like as long as you make the roll. Flipping to "Superior Numbers" on page 233 there's not a lot more there, just comments about how many people can attack. However, the long weapon-user still has to roll, opening up the possibility of a failure/fumble. Also, if the zombies do manage to close in, there's some fun penalties for the long weapon user listed under "Closing", page 219. I also like el_octogono's suggestion for a house rule there: for purposes of Closing, creatures that normally do not Dodge get a DEX x1 Dodge roll to reflect the shifting positions that take place during combat.
  15. Still learning the rules myself, but some thoughts: 1) The environment may trump the rule. On a tennis court, sure, you might be a whirling spear-dervish, but when you're in a narrow hallway and they're on both sides, not so much. Can't fend off people behind you. Heck, in a densely wooded area trying to use a long weapon can kind of suck unless you can funnel opponents directly in front of you. 2) Zombies can Grapple. That long pole makes an excellent handle for reeling a character in.... 3) Presume the rules expect the attackers don't want to get hit. If the zombies don't care if they get hit or not -- they're not trying to stay back until they find/create an opening -- then say every zombie over the first will get an attack after your staff-user gets a free attack. Inverting the "Disengaging" rule, if you will. (In short: what they said ^ ) 4) You're not moving very fast if you're just standing there, and if you're trying to hold back, oh, five zombies you're only moving as they herd you. Trying to leave at all would invoke the "Disengage" attack. 5) ...well, they are just zombies. If you're prepared ("naginatas for everyone!") and get the drop on them, maybe they should be a non-issue, more of a pile-of-trash-with-teeth blocking the doorway. It's when you're not ready for them they're a problem. "Oh, did you miss the Spot roll? Whups. Pavement wasn't as sturdy as it looked and you half-slide, half-fall into the sewer. Fortunately you land on something soft... unfortunately there's six of them and they're hungry."
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