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  1. Hi Puckohoe, apologies for the delay in response. You could certainly run it whenever you like. Minlister came up with some good ideas. You could run it using Raus mercenaries if there was some friendship between Raus and the Sandheart officials in the first place. Or you could use Antiochus (a character in the adventure) as a way in. If he is good friends with Raus and asks for help from the outside world (perhaps the actual Sandheart militia already asked questions and found nothing?) he can then be the initial catalyst. You dont need a Yelmalian character but it helps to have one solar worshipper for the final 'ceremony'. You could always alter the ceremony to suit your characters or make sure they meet, Yellow Foot, another NPC in the scenario who can play that role. Hope this helps and happy to discuss further. Jon
  2. Hey Minlister, Thank you so much for the comment. Apologies for the delay in responding but I have been busy with my day job over the last week or so and have only just checked the forum. I sit at home and beavered away at this scenario not knowing if it would work or not. It means a lot when someone says something supportive. Cheers!
  3. The Corn Dolls: Sandheart Volume 2 is now live on DrivthruRPG. Thanks to Nick Brooke for all sorts of assistance, MOB for support and Diana Probst/Kris Herbert (Beer With Teeth) and for their advice/Sun Hawk art https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.drivethrurpg.com%2Fproduct%2F307914%2FThe-Corn-Dolls-Sandheart-Volume-2%3Faffiliate_id%3D392988%26fbclid%3DIwAR0oDa55IRNiYQixicq049MxfdU_D-VLC-og5aMzlDnNdAbnWF3HzfGvR8g&h=AT2pHkFq11syxRCDOXtrCyaXHUs35kJDUIgXdW-hnMxqxlb_PR4cc4q3o74WL3GH0mveTBw95hE1oEXxJh-QXFwvagldmxGvZVZfaPZENR1gUSsjuETtjcNUpjSkza5654A
  4. Thanks for the review, Pookie. It is quite a scary prospect to put one’s material in front of an audience, especially one as well-versed as the Runequest community. As the author of Tales of the Sun County Militia: Sandheart Volume 1 your review will help me in shaping Volume 2, which is on its way. I also wanted to congratulate all the other authors for being brave and showcasing their excellent work. I hope others follow suit. Best wishes Jon
  5. thanks for all the information. I think I have an almost blank sheet to play with. cheers.
  6. Hi all, I am after some information. I am thinking of setting a campaign in Maniria. My Guide to Glorantha tells me that Greymane is considering his options as to whose side to be on in the upcoming Hero Wars (page 355). RQG goes on to say that Queen Samastina is the new queen of Esrolia in 1625, after securing her freedom from various people, including the Western Barbarians (page 110). Can anyone tell me the fate of Greymane, his sons and the rest of the Manirian tribes? Is he still alive? Did he support the new queen or do otherwise? Any information would be gratefully received. Many thanks
  7. Hi there, I am a long time RQ player but first time poster on this forum. In preparation for Chaosium RQ I am starting to plan a campaign for the RPG group I play with. Maniria looks very interesting and I have been collecting various bits of information on this area. The largest of these (apart from the Guide to Glorantha) is from Tradetalk 11: Handra and the New Fens. A lot of this is very interesting but I wondered how much of it veers from the official view of this area. I would be very keen to get people's views on this, does anyone know? Thanks
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