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  1. I just ordered this the other day, I'm really looking forward to using it to run some "Pike and Shotte & Sorcerie" adventures!
  2. My first goal is run the "Tales of the Eye" campaign I've been kicking around, a mash-up of Fading Suns and the old Mission: Impossible TV show wherein the PCs are agents of the Imperial Eye's special missions bureau. I'd also like to run a supernatural 30-Years War game (kinda Von Bek meets Tim Powers), but I don't know if my players would go for that...
  3. My copy arrived yesterday, and I spent the evening basking in its golden glory. Many thanks to Jason, the Chaosium folks, and all the other contributors for such a fantastic book-- you guys did a fantastic job! :thumb:
  4. My copy arrived yesterday, and seems to be free of binding issues. The book is beautiful, although seeing it and holding it in my hands makes me wish even more for a hardcover version.
  5. Yeah... I can't really go wrong for 5 bucks, especially if it's BRP.
  6. Apologies if this has already been asked in another thread... The Unknown East supplement for Elric! supposedly has a more "freeform" magic system. I'm curious to learn more about this, can anyone educate me? Also-- will these rules be included in the new BRP book, or should I shell out for a copy of UE?
  7. Unfortunately, I don't think it exists yet...
  8. The LGS in my hometown was awful. One of the last times I visited, I wanted to special-order something from Chaosium; when I inquired at the counter, the clerk just looked at me blankly and asked, "What's Chaosium?" :shocked: EDIT to add: After making my Sanity check, I had to explain to the kid that there's more to the RPG world than White Wolf and Wizards of the Co$t...
  9. Fantastic news! Still no word about possible hardcover releases though...
  10. Count me as another fan of the weird fantasy/S&S of Howard, Smith, Lovecraft (Dreamlands), Leiber, et al. I'll add: Jack Vance's Planet of Adventure, Dying Earth, and Demon Princes cycles Michael Shea's Nifft the Lean books + In Yana The first 3 or 4 Thieves' World anthologies M. John Harrison's hallucinatory Viriconium books, especially The Pastel City and A Storm of Wings Roger Zelazny's first Amber quintet
  11. I use music in-game constantly. Not in the sense of "here's a battle scene, I'll put on track X," but just having continuous low-level ambience. I gravitate towards darker and/or more "organic" ambient music for this-- Rapoon, O Yuki Conjugate, Lustmord, Tuu, Robert Rich, and Oophoi are musicians whose work seems to work especially well for creating atmospheres of mystery, dread, foreboding, and phantasie. I don't do a whole lot of prep, and when I do I generally don't make any efforts to listen to a certain kind of music.
  12. Have you checked out the Elric supplement Sailing on the Seas of Fate? There are some pretty good ship/sailing rules in there, although my use of them has been limited. I'm not familiar with RQ3's sailing rules, but I thought maybe this would help...
  13. That announcement made my day. Glad to hear production is getting wrapped up, the cover looks great! :thumb: I was about to ask that same question. Inquiring minds want to know!
  14. ...You regularly carry a "travel size" dicebag in your backpack/briefcase/purse/etc. "just in case you need them."
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