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  1. nightlamp

    Renaissance Deluxe Hardcopy Available

    I just ordered this the other day, I'm really looking forward to using it to run some "Pike and Shotte & Sorcerie" adventures!
  2. nightlamp

    BRP Overload! What are you doing?

    My first goal is run the "Tales of the Eye" campaign I've been kicking around, a mash-up of Fading Suns and the old Mission: Impossible TV show wherein the PCs are agents of the Imperial Eye's special missions bureau. I'd also like to run a supernatural 30-Years War game (kinda Von Bek meets Tim Powers), but I don't know if my players would go for that...
  3. nightlamp

    BRP Now Shipping...

    My copy arrived yesterday, and I spent the evening basking in its golden glory. Many thanks to Jason, the Chaosium folks, and all the other contributors for such a fantastic book-- you guys did a fantastic job! :thumb:
  4. nightlamp

    Binding Issues?

    My copy arrived yesterday, and seems to be free of binding issues. The book is beautiful, although seeing it and holding it in my hands makes me wish even more for a hardcover version.
  5. nightlamp

    Unknown East magic

    Yeah... I can't really go wrong for 5 bucks, especially if it's BRP.
  6. nightlamp

    Unknown East magic

    Apologies if this has already been asked in another thread... The Unknown East supplement for Elric! supposedly has a more "freeform" magic system. I'm curious to learn more about this, can anyone educate me? Also-- will these rules be included in the new BRP book, or should I shell out for a copy of UE?
  7. nightlamp

    BRP Rules at the Printer

    Unfortunately, I don't think it exists yet...
  8. nightlamp

    BRP Rules at the Printer

    The LGS in my hometown was awful. One of the last times I visited, I wanted to special-order something from Chaosium; when I inquired at the counter, the clerk just looked at me blankly and asked, "What's Chaosium?" :shocked: EDIT to add: After making my Sanity check, I had to explain to the kid that there's more to the RPG world than White Wolf and Wizards of the Co$t...
  9. nightlamp

    BRP Rules at the Printer

    Fantastic news! Still no word about possible hardcover releases though...
  10. nightlamp

    Favorite and memorable books

    Count me as another fan of the weird fantasy/S&S of Howard, Smith, Lovecraft (Dreamlands), Leiber, et al. I'll add: Jack Vance's Planet of Adventure, Dying Earth, and Demon Princes cycles Michael Shea's Nifft the Lean books + In Yana The first 3 or 4 Thieves' World anthologies M. John Harrison's hallucinatory Viriconium books, especially The Pastel City and A Storm of Wings Roger Zelazny's first Amber quintet
  11. I use music in-game constantly. Not in the sense of "here's a battle scene, I'll put on track X," but just having continuous low-level ambience. I gravitate towards darker and/or more "organic" ambient music for this-- Rapoon, O Yuki Conjugate, Lustmord, Tuu, Robert Rich, and Oophoi are musicians whose work seems to work especially well for creating atmospheres of mystery, dread, foreboding, and phantasie. I don't do a whole lot of prep, and when I do I generally don't make any efforts to listen to a certain kind of music.
  12. nightlamp

    Chaos & Catacombs

    Email sent!
  13. nightlamp

    Do THese Rules Appear in the Upcoming BRP?

    Have you checked out the Elric supplement Sailing on the Seas of Fate? There are some pretty good ship/sailing rules in there, although my use of them has been limited. I'm not familiar with RQ3's sailing rules, but I thought maybe this would help...
  14. nightlamp

    Official Cover and Release Announcement

    That announcement made my day. Glad to hear production is getting wrapped up, the cover looks great! :thumb: I was about to ask that same question. Inquiring minds want to know!
  15. nightlamp

    You know you're a gamer when.....

    ...You regularly carry a "travel size" dicebag in your backpack/briefcase/purse/etc. "just in case you need them."